Kelly + Michael: Kit Harington Pompeii & Game of Thrones Black Eye


Kelly and Michael: Kit Harington

From the HBO saga Game of Thrones and the new movie Pompeii, Kit Harington hung out with Kelly and Michael out of costume. The clean and shiny star joked that he prefers not to bathe during Game of Thrones, going for that old world authenticity.

He also admitted that his given name is Christopher, and that Kit is a traditional nickname. But his parents called him Kit while he was growing up, and he did not learn his full name until around age 11.


Kelly & Michael: Kit Harington Game of Thrones

Kelly + Michael: Kit Harington Pompeii & Game of Thrones Black Eye

Pompeii star Kit Harington said that having a black eye might have helped him nail his first audition for the hit HBO period saga Game of Thrones. (s_bukley /

Why do fans love Game of Thrones? “I think people have a morbid fascination with death and fighting,” he said. “It was just so unique and different from anything I was getting.” Kit said the originality made him excited about the part, and he went through three auditions.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for season four on April 6 2014.


Kelly and Michael: Kit Harington Black Eye

During his first audition, he had a black eye, which may have helped him advance. He had gotten the black eye at a McDonald’s location that has bouncers. When another patron insulted his friend, he challenged the man to a fight, not realizing how tall his opponent was until the other man stood up.

Kelly & Michael: Kit Harington Pompeii Review

Harington plays a slave-turned-gladiator in the new movie Pompeii, which takes place around the time of an epic historical disaster. His character is taken out of slavery and taught to fight. The movie is attempting to tell the story of the last days of the civilization that we know very little about.

There was plenty of ash on the set, and in photos, Kit showed off some of his bulk for the role of Milo. In a scene from the film, Milo and Atticus are attempting to escape from the disaster before the mountain wipes out their entire culture. Milo makes a fateful decision to go after love in the face of danger, and you can see how that turns out when the movie hits theaters on February 21 2014.


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