Kelly & Michael: Kiefer Sutherland Pompeii Review + The Forsaken


Kelly and Michael: Kiefer Sutherland London

Award-winning actor Kiefer Sutherland visited Kelly and Michael for a chat about the new movie Pompeii. He recently returned from London, where he is shooting the miniseries reboot of 24 through June 2014. You can also soon see him with his father in The Forsaken.

Sutherland was born in England, but his family left London when he was three years old. He said he enjoys the sophistication and elegance of the city, with historically high-roofed cabs for passengers wearing top hats.


Kelly & Michael: Kiefer Sutherland Pompeii Review + The Forsaken

Pompeii star Kiefer Sutherland will also be starring opposite his father, Donald, in an upcoming Western film called The Forsaken, he told Kelly & Michael. (Ovidiu Hrubaru /

Kiefer Sutherland told Kelly and Michael that he has more trouble going to London than coming from London when it comes to jet lag. He did get to watch the first quarter of the Super Bowl at around 11 p.m., before heading to bed in London. Though he was rooting for Peyton Manning, he also sympathized with coach Pete Carroll, so he was hoping for a good game. He woke up to learn that the game had been a blowout.

Kelly & Michael: Kiefer Sutherland & Donald Sutherland

For the first time, Kiefer Sutherland had the chance to work with his father, Donald Sutherland. He said it was a rare chance to find the right material to showcase both of them and create a memorable performance for both of them. You can see them together in a Western movie called The Forsaken, which is slated for fall 2014.


Ripa wondered what it was like growing up with Donald as a father, and he said there was a sense of awe throughout his life. He was not allowed to watch many of his father’s movies when he was a kid. Finally, in his late teens, he got to catch up on a lot of his father’s great roles.

“I was so embarrassed as his son to have not been more familiar with his work,” he said, which led them to a great conversation in their relationship. Both men admitted to each other that they had some nerves on the eve of working together.

Kelly and Michael: Kiefer Sutherland Pompeii Review

Sutherland also stars in Pompeii, where a volcano and earthquake coincide in that infamous historic event. “It was going to be a really big visual spectacle,” he said of his attraction to the project. But the heart of it is a love story, and he told Kelly & Michael that he enjoyed the black-and-white nature of the characters, who are either good or evil.

Kelly pondered why evil villains always get the good dialogue. “I think because they get to say what we are thinking but we are too nice to say,” Sutherland said. He loved playing his character and praised his co-stars and the crew, including director Paul Anderson.

Be sure to watch for Sutherland’s chariot scene. He said that horsepower is not quite the analogy you might expect, though he did get to do his own chariot stunt. In a clip from the film, Sutherland faces off against co-star Kit Harington, and must decide whether to spare his life. Pompeii is in theaters on Friday, February 21 2014.


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