Kelly & Michael: Kevin James New Film “Here Comes The Boom”


Kevin James: New York Jets Fan

Actor and comedian Kevin James is a New Yorker, having grown up on Long Island. However, unfortunately for Michael Strahan, he’s not a Giants fan. Kevin is a die-hard Jets fan, so the two of them can barely be in the same room! Kevin likened it to keeping two animals who shouldn’t be together in the same cage.

Kelly & Michael: Kevin James New Film "Here Comes The Boom"

Kevin James discussed his new comedy ‘Here Comes the Boom” with Kelly & Michael. (vipflash /


Of course, Kevin did admit to having respect for Michael, despite the fact that he’ll never turn on his favorite team. He even got to attend a Jets game and do the famous Jets call. Michael said that The King of Queens is one of his favorite shows, and he would always get angry when he saw Kevin wearing Jets stuff!

Kevin James: Disciplining Three Kids

Kevin has three children, but as you might imagine, he’s more of the fun parent. His wife is the main disciplinarian, so when she leaves the house, the kids know that they’re in charge!

Kevin recently took his five-year-old daughter to the movies, and she had to go to the bathroom. He panicked, but eventually took her to the men’s room with him. He lined the seat with sheets and sheets of toilet paper, and then stood by the stall waiting for her– which totally creeped out all of the men who came in!


Kevin James: Training as an MMA Fighter

In order for his new role in the film Here Comes the Boom, Kevin trained as a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. He plays a high school science teacher who takes up MMA in order to raise money for the music program in his failing school. Kevin trained and worked with real fighters, so he actually got really hurt! He also lost an amazing seventy pounds getting into athlete’s shape (most of which he’s gained back).

“Here Comes the Boom” in Theaters October 12 2012

Kevin, Kelly and Michael checked out a clip of Kevin with his lovely co-star, Salma Hayek. The film also stars Henry Winkler, and Kevin called it a very fun and inspirational movie to make. Here Comes the Boom is in theaters Friday, October 12 2012.



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    This was a really fun interview with Kevin. I love his sense of humor, and I really look forward to seeing this film now. It was nice to hear about his family life. The segment about him and his daughter was absolutely hilarious.

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