Kelly & Michael: Kevin Costner Man of Steel Role & Jack Ryan Role


Kelly & Michael: Kevin Costner, Superman’s Adoptive Father

Kevin Costner landed one of the most seminal roles in the Man of Steel film. He plays the adoptive father of Superman, a role less glamorous than the others but still an essential role. Costner is essentially the person who teaches Superman how to live on Earth while being an alien from another planet. He teaches his adoptive son how to fit in and find his place in the world.

Kelly & Michael: Kevin Costner Man of Steel Role & Jack Ryan Role

Kevin Costner talked with Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld about his role as Superman’s adoptive father in Man of Steel and about his upcoming role in Jack Ryan.
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Costner is playing the husband to Diane Lane’s character, a decisions Zach Snyder said he made because he wanted the movie to have a very realistic feel and he felt they were the most realistic looking couple he could find.

Live!: Kevin Costner Starring in Jack Ryan

Costner is also starring in the action thriller Jack Ryan which is slated to be released later this year. He also inked a deal with the studios to play the same character in another movie called Without Remorse, another film adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel of the same name.

Kelly & Michael: Kevin Costner and Modern West

Did you know Kevin Costner is in a band? He founded Kevin Costner and Modern West in 2007 and subsequently went a world tour that took the band through Istanbul, Rome and back to the United states where they played a show at a NASCAR race.


The band has produced two albums, the latest being titled Turn it On.



  1. nicole tremblay says

    What the heck is this summary of Kevin Costner’s interview on Live. This has nothing to do with the interview. Did you even watch the show?

    • says

      Unfortunately, due to severe weather coverage, we were unable to see this interview and had to improvise to provide fans with information! Sorry about that.

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