Kelly & Michael: Kerry Washington Fashion Icon + Scandal Review


Kelly & Michael: Kerry Washington Fashion Icon

Kerry Washington came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about the upcoming season of her political thriller Scandal. She plays Olivia Pope, a woman who works in crisis management. Washington just had a baby, and she looks absolutely amazing.

She was also wearing Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes. She has the most amazing fashion. She’s a real fashion icon both on and off the show. Everybody loves her outfits on Scandal. She also sees events as a creative opportunity. She wore a beautiful orange dress at the Emmys, but it was hard for her to find the time to find it. She did the fitting during a 30-minute break while filming Scandal. She tried that one on and said, “I’m done.” Clearly it worked.


Kelly & Michael: Kerry Washington Emmys

Kelly & Michael: Kerry Washington Fashion Icon + Scandal Review

Kerry Washington came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about what it’s like to not know what’s going to happen on ‘Scandal.’ (s_buckley /

She had a great time at the Emmys though. She photobombed the cast of Modern Family, but Matt LeBlanc was completely clueless in the background. She gets excited to see people she’s worked with at these events. She’s always excited to see Jamie Foxx, who she worked with. He was a great movie husband and he’s a great guy. He can get you into some trouble though.

Kelly & Michael: Kerry Washington Washington’s Monuments

Washington played “Washington’s Monuments,” which was all about her firsts. Her first pet was fish without a name until she had two catfish left. They were Mr. and Mrs. Catz. Her first grade teacher was Mrs. Deer. Her first celebrity crush was the band Menudo and her first concert was actually Menudo at Madison Square Garden.


Her first paying job was stuffing envelopes for the Bronx Reading Council at 10, because her mother was the president. The first thing she learned to cook was Jello. The first song she would choose to do karaoke to was “A Whole New World.” The first person she spoke to or texted this morning was the concierge at the hotel.

Check out the video here:

Kelly & Michael: Scandal Season 4 Review

The clip of Scandalshowed Olivia talking about how it’s time for her to “stand in my truth.” She’s the scandal. It was so intense. That was actually from the last episode of last season because this season is so secretive that they’re not even giving clips from it. That’s nuts.

Washington knows about the first five episodes because they’ve shot them already, but she has no idea what’s happening after that. You’ll find out where she is in the season premiere and it’s supposed to be amazing. Washington’s a total control freak and she hates not knowing what’s going to happen, but she’s learned to trust the writers.

Washington doesn’t feel smarter politically because of the work she does on the show. She brought her own political knowledge from before to influence her character, but the world of Scandal isn’t reflective of the White House. I’m not so sure that it’s not reflective of other things though.

Her parents on the show are also horrible people. She’s so professional, but so messed up. She has major issues from home and is looking for love in all the wrong places. Apparently the President’s in town today and there’s gridlock traffic, but Washington couldn’t pull any Olivia Pope skills. The fourth season premiere of Scandal will air on September 24 2014 on ABC.


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