Kelly & Michael: Keri Russell Tattoos + The Americans Season 2


Kelly and Michael: Keri Russell Biking in Brooklyn

Michael Strahan always loves Keri Russell’s walk when she comes by for an interview, which I would call more of a strut. She is a much warmer mother in real life than as her cold, calculating character on FX’s The Americans.

The Americans star is a mom who calls Brooklyn home, and that’s where all her friends live as well. She likes to ride her bike to the grocery store or take her son to school. She was in a minor bike accident recently, and the car’s driver yelled at her for not wearing a helmet.


Kelly & Michael: Keri Russell Tattoos

Kelly & Michael: Keri Russell Tattoos + The Americans Season 2

Keri Russell explained her secret weapon for filming romantic scenes on season two of FX’s suburban Cold War spy drama, The Americans, for Kelly & Michael. (Debby Wong /

Keri Russell delivered one of her children at home in a birthing tub. Her children’s names are River and Willa. River is in first grade, and Willa is two years old, at a phase where she wants to eat everything.

Russell’s son, River, loves giving his mother temporary tattoos, which she doesn’t mind leaving on to impress or surprise those around her. She has yet to get any permanent tattoos, and Kelly Ripa said she had advice for Russell about that to share off the air. We know that Ripa had a rose tattoo removed from her ankle, but this sounds like it may be too hot for TV.


Kelly and Michael: Keri Russell Romantic Scenes

The Americans, FX’s Cold War spy drama, features Russell’s character undercover with the KGB in suburban Washington, D.C., in the 1980s. Last year’s theme was marriage, and for the second season, the show is focused on a broader picture of family. She and her onscreen husband are in an arranged marriage, and it takes a lot to keep that together given the pressures they face as spies.

How does Russell prepare for steamy bedroom scenes with co-star Matthew Rhys? Keri said those types of scenes are often filmed on weekday mornings, but she doesn’t mind taking the edge off of performing in front of a crew by enjoying an adult beverage. “There’s usually beer involved,” Keri said.

Kelly & Michael: Keri Russell The Americans Season 2

Kelly & Michael were impressed by her versatility and bravery on the screen, and Russell said that seduction is often used as a tool to advance the characters’ purposes, which takes some of the pressure off.

In a scene from the show, Russell and Rhys deal with the fallout of their daughter finding them in a compromising position. You can check out a second season of The Americans, Wednesday nights on FX.


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