Kelly & Michael: Kelsey Grammer “Boss” Season 2


Kelsey Grammer: Boss on Starz

Legendary TV actor Kelsey Grammer currently appears on the acclaimed Starz series, Boss, which recently won Kelsey a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. On the show, Kelsey plays Tom Kane, the fictional mayor of Chicago who also struggles with a debilitating disease. Kelsey joined Kelly & Michael to chat about the second season of Boss, and his other new role as dad to a newborn baby girl.

Kelsey Grammer Live September 18

Kelsey Grammer joined Kelly & Michael September 18 to discuss his award-winning role on “Boss.” (Miro Vrlik Photography /


Kelly & Michael: Newborn Daughter Faith

Kelly & Michael first congratulated Kelsey on his newborn daughter, Faith Evangeline Elisa Grammer. Kelsey’s wife, Kayte, gave birth to Faith just nine weeks ago. Kelsey is thrilled to be a dad again, and this is baby number five for him; “it’s just something I like doing!”

Kelsey’s older children are also thrilled to be big brothers and sisters. His oldest daughter, Spencer, is 28, and even has a son of her own. So Kelsey is both a new dad and a new grandfather, and baby Faith is already an aunt! Kelsey revealed that he is a “changing diapers” kind of dad, and both he and Kayte prefer to do all of the parenting work themselves. For the Grammer family, Faith is “truly a blessing.”

Kelsey Grammer: Tom Kane on Boss

Kelsey talked about his powerful role as Tom Kane on Boss. Tom is a ruthless type of politician, who harbors a lot of secrets. Kelsey admitted that the role is pretty grueling, but in a lot of ways, he’s much easier to play than his other iconic role, Dr Frasier Crane.


Is Tom Kane a Republican or Democrat? Kelsey revealed that the answer is neither. The show chooses not to discuss political parties, even though, Tom has got to be one or the other. “The show is more about human drama than political drama,” Kelsey said.

However, that doesn’t stop a lot of Chicago politicians from thinking that Kelsey is portraying them. But Tom Kane is truly fictional! The second season of Boss is currently airing on Starz, so don’t miss it on Friday nights at 9 PM.


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