Kelly & Michael: Kelly Ripa Previews David Blaine “Electrified”


David Blaine: “Electrified” Endurance Stunt

David Blaine is an American illusionist, magician, and endurance artist who has performed some of the most incredible feats in the world. He has set and broken several world records, including having held his breath for a record eight minutes and 58 seconds. David has pushed himself to physical and mental limits with stunts that have found him buried alive, submerged underwater, and frozen in a block of ice. Watching David perform his stunts is always truly impressive, but would you ever want to join him during one of them? I think I speak for everyone when I say “no way!”

Kelly & Michael: Kelly Ripa Previews David Blaine "Electrified"

Kelly Ripa previewed David Blaine’s thrilling new stunt, “Electrified,” being performed this weekend at Pier 54 in New York.


However, that’s just what our gal Kelly Ripa did when she met with David during preparations for his latest stunt at Pier 54 on Manhattan’s West Side, “Electrified.” Kelly got a sneak peek of the incredible stunt last night, during a final test of the equipment. Not only did Kelly get to chat with David, but she got a surprise that was (literally) shocking when she joined him up in the air among a million volts of electricity.

Kelly Ripa Tests Out David Blaine’s “Electrified”

Kelly first met with David on the ground, and the magician seemed a lot calmer than you might think. He explained that his chain mail suit protects him from the electricity, because it conducts the volts away from his body. During the stunt, David will stand atop a pillar for 72 hours and be subjected to a million volts of electricity.

A nervous Kelly agreed to head up in a cage with David to test out the electrical shocks herself. They were perfectly fine, but the scary blue volts of electricity were definitely scary to watch!


Back at the studio, Michael reported that he was scared just looking at them. To see David perform “Electrified” for yourself, head to Manhattan’s Pier 54 this weekend.


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