Kelly + Michael: Kate Mara House of Cards Secret & Extended Family


Kelly and Michael: Kate Mara

Kate Mara faces off with Kevin Spacey on a screen near you in season two of the Netflix original series House of Cards, now in season two. She visited Kelly and Michael to talk about the latest batch of episodes from the show. (By the way, it’s pronounced Mare-Uh, not Marr-Uh.)

Kelly & Michael: Kate Mara Extended Family

Kelly + Michael: Kate Mara House of Cards Secret & Extended Family

Kate Mara told Kelly & Michael she had to be creative to keep her House of Cards secret for two years, not even sharing the truth with her family members. (Helga Esteb /


Mara is from New York, so when she’s back on the East Coast, she has to catch up with her many family members. Her father is one of 11 siblings, and each of those have at least three children, making for 50 first cousins just on one side of the family. That makes family gatherings and gift exchanges complicated.

Kate Mara also showed Kelly and Michael pictures of her Boston terriers, one of whom is nice and the other who is mean. She said the dogs represent her two personalities. Her sister, Rooney, is also an actress, but the two have never worked together on screen.

If she were a football player, she said she would want to be the quarterback.


Kelly and Michael: Kate Mara House of Cards Season 2

Kate stars as eager reporter Zoe Barnes in House of Cards, whose deal with Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood, results in trouble for her. Kelly said that something remarkable and unbelievable happens during the second season of the series, but both of them kept the details to themselves to avoid giving away big spoilers.

However, the secret was big enough that Kate Mara knew about it from the beginning of the series, and Michael Strahan wondered how she kept the secret for two long years. She told the hosts that she got creative at answering questions about the series and its plot. Even her family felt betrayed when they learned what had been going on.

Kelly & Michael: House of Cards on Netflix

This is the most interested I have ever been in House of Cards, now that everyone is so shocked. Kelly Ripa said that she feels bad now that she has binge-watched the entire second season of the series, and she has to wait for future episodes.

Michael Strahan has not yet finished watching season two, and the audience got to see a clip from the show, in which Mara and Spacey face off over the death of another D.C. player. You can watch it anytime on Netflix.


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