Kelly & Michael: Kate Hudson’s Son Bingham Future Youtube Sensation


Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan Spring Clothing

Kate Hudson rushed onto the set in a cap sleeved yellow sundress. With Kelly Ripa’s pink dress and Michael Strahan’s yellow shirt and tie, Kate said they looked like a bowl of citrus fruit. Kelly loved Kate’s shoes and said she owns the same pair.

Bingham Bellamy: Youtube Sensation?

Kate Hudson said the last time she was on the show she was pregnant with her baby Bingham. He’s now 21 months and bouncing off the walls. She said that Bing could be a Youtube sensation. He loves to drum, probably because his father, Matthew Bellamy, is a musician.


Kate Hudson thinks that her 21 month-old son, Bingham, could be the next Youtube sensation with his drum kit. How does she handle parenting & acting? (Image: s_buckley /

Kate Hudson thinks that her 21 month-old son, Bingham, could be the next Youtube sensation with his drum kit. How does she handle parenting & acting? (Image: s_buckley /

Kate Hudson: Parenting Two Boys

Hudson said that her other son, Ryder, is nine and the calmer of the two. Being in a house full of boys, Kate feels outnumbered. She said it’s made her stronger and more patient. She takes comfort in the fact that she can still beat them all in soccer.

Kate Hudson: 34th Birthday

Kate Hudson recently celebrated her birthday. She said her quiet get together turned into a dance party. The fete lasted all night and she got to sleep in the next morning. When it’s your birthday, the partner gets baby duty.


Kate Hudson Returns To Glee

Kate said she is returning to Glee this season. She said it’s been one of her best experiences in acting. She got to dance and sing as a kid, so this role is a dream. She wanted to be like Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson when she was younger.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The book that her new film is based off of is a widely read book in schools. The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a political thriller and the film touches on the themes of the book. She said that there is a love story melded into the story.

The timing of the film couldn’t be more appropriate with everything going on in the U.S. Kate plays the girlfriend of the Pakistani main character. She said it’s not a soundbite film, it’s a very deep dialogue that will make you think.

The main character is chasing the American Dream on Wallstreet, but then 9/11 happens and things go haywire for him. He has to search for his real self amidst being labelled an enemy.

Kate Hudson takes on an intense role

Kelly Ripa said that it’s amazing Kate was able to process the stressful role after just giving birth. Kate said that she would go from breastfeeding her son in a quiet corner to sobbing on camera in minutes.

Mira Nair directed the film and she created a great working experience for Kate on set. She would rub the actresses feet while they went over lines and Kate breastfeed. She said the whole experience was worth the stress.


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