Kelly & Michael: Kat Dennings Double-Jointed + 2 Broke Girls Review


Kelly and Michael: Kat Dennings

The beautiful Kat Dennings is known for her sassy, streetwise character of Max on 2 Broke Girls, and she got to hang out with Kelly and Michael for a chat about the show’s third season and her start in acting. Did you know she is double-jointed?

Kelly & Michael: Kat Dennings Philadelphia

Kelly & Michael: Kat Dennings Double-Jointed + 2 Broke Girls Review

Kat Dennings is double-jointed, and she knew from a young age that she wanted to be an actor. Now she stars in the popular sitcom 2 Broke Girls on CBS. (Helga Esteb /


Dennings was thrilled to be on the show for the first time, though she and the hosts felt like they had met before, because they all know each other from television. Dennings is from Philadelphia, so how did she land in Hollywood?

Her parents were supportive of her childhood ambitions of acting, though her parents had careers in biochemistry and speech therapy. They had both wanted to be artists, but their parents steered them toward academia.

Kelly and Michael: Kat Dennings Double-Jointed

Kat Dennings moved to Los Angeles at age 14 to do her first TV pilot, and the sitcom went to series. It was a Bob Saget comedy called Raising Dad, which Dennings is now very embarrassed by. That show didn’t work out, but the rest of her success is history.


Dennings said she and Michael Strahan have something in common: messed-up hands. Michael’s are messed up from years of football, and Kat is double-jointed in all her fingers. The two of them demonstrated their freaky talents.

Kelly & Michael: Kat Dennings 2 Broke Girls Review

Dennings and co-star Beth Behrs got all wet in a scene from 2 Broke Girls. Kelly Ripa compared them to a supercouple. They had never met before screen testing together for the show, and now they are inseparable best friends. She said that Beth was even waiting for her backstage during the interview!

What was drawing all the women from the show to the set? Kat gave credit to Gilles Marini, who is known for Dancing with the Stars and has become the head baker at Max’s pastry school, who has chemistry with Behrs’ character.

You can see how things turn out as season three continues Monday nights on CBS.


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