Kelly + Michael: Kaitlyn Farrington Cattle & Snowboarding Gold Medal


Kelly and Michael: Kaitlyn Farrington

Kaitlyn Farrington’s dream was simply to make the Olympic snowboarding team, so winning the gold medal was just gravy. The US Olympic women’s halfpipe champion made a victorious visit to Kelly and Michael’s show, wearing her giant prize.

Kelly & Michael: Kaitlyn Farrington Gold Medal

Kelly + Michael: Kaitlyn Farrington Cattle & Snowboarding Gold Medal

Kaitlyn Farrington, the US Olympic women’s gold medalist in the halfpipe competition, talked about how her family creatively financed her athletic success. (Iurii Osadchi /


It was Farrington’s first trip to the Olympics, and she vanquished three former medalists to take the top spot. Michael Strahan asked her about the benefits of winning the medal, which she said she used to meet the men’s hockey team.

She has started keeping the medal handy in her pocket because people so often ask her whether she has it with her. Kelly Ripa said she would wear it every day for the rest of her life.

Kaitlyn Farrington said that she competed against three other gold medalists, and she appeared with these other Golden Girls on the Today Show.


Kelly and Michael: Kaitlyn Farrington Snowboarding

Kaitlyn has been skiing since age three, and her older sister began snowboarding, so she followed that path. That developed into competition thanks to friend Heather Black (but Kaitlyn’s sister never pursued competition).

“Every chance I got, I would go to Sun Valley and snowboard and ski,” she said.

Michael wanted to know about the difficulty of snowboarding compared to skiing. Farrington recalled a lot of falling on her butt in the early going, but she kept at it even when kids on the ski lift were laughing at her. Kelly said she learned to ski at age 38, and kids laughed at her as well.

Kelly & Michael: Kaitlyn Farrington Cattle

Michael pointed out the expense of pursuing the sport at a high level. Kaitlyn said she grew up on an Idaho ranch, and as she started competing in national contests, the family would sell cattle to fund the trips and expenses.

A good portion of the family’s stock of 250 cattle went toward supporting her dreams. Kelly suggested that she get her father a calf as a gift.

Kelly and Michael: Maddy Schaffrick Dreadlock

What is her good luck charm? Kaitlyn said her good friend and fellow snowboarder Maddy Schaffrick had dreads in her hair for a year, and Maddy gave Kaitlyn a dreadlock at the beginning of the snowboarding season. It seems to have paid off with gold in this case! Congratulations to Kaitlyn Farrington on her gold medal win. Maybe we’ll see her again in four years.


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