Kelly & Michael: Julianne Moore Non-Stop Review + “Story of My Life”


Kelly and Michael: Julianne Moore “Story of My Life”

Julianne Moore wore white and the hosts both said that she smelled good. The talented actress joined Kelly and Michael to talk about her latest movie, Non-Stop.

Kelly Ripa and Julianne have children of similar ages; Moore’s are 16 and 11. Moore took her daughter on her birthday to a One Direction concert, and Ripa said that she couldn’t understand how kids could hear any of the concert over the screaming fans.


Kelly & Michael: Julianne Moore Non-Stop Review + "Story of My Life"

From action thriller Non-Stop, Julianne Moore told Kelly & Michael about her opinion of the pop group One Direction and getting Downton Abbey spoilers. (Ovidiu Hrubaru /

Ripa’s daughter declined to put in earplugs. Moore was dreading attending an upcoming summer concert when One Direction returns to the New York area, until she saw the video for “Story of My Life,” which features the bandmates’ mothers, and which brought Moore to tears.

Michael Strahan said she was successfully manipulated and suggested that the video was designed to appeal to the moms of the band’s teenage fans. Maybe Moore and Ripa will carpool to the next 1D concert.


Kelly & Michael: Julianne Moore Non-Stop Review

Moore’s latest film is Non-Stop, a thriller chronicling a terrorist threat on a transatlantic jet. Her character is a mysterious passenger on the flight. “I talk a lot, but say nothing,” Moore said of her inscrutable onscreen alter ego.

“So you play me,” Ripa joked. On the flight, Moore’s character sits next to the air marshall, played by action hero Liam Neeson. This is the pair’s second time collaborating onscreen, and Michael wondered what it was like to team up again.

“He really was the main reason that I chose to do the movie. I think he’s so relatable,” she said. “He has so much integrity. He’s got so much humanity. And that’s why people love seeing him as an action hero as well.”

Kelly and Michael: Michelle Dockery Non-Stop

Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery is also in the movie, and Moore admitted to Ripa that she is a big fan who peppered Dockery with questions, such as whether O’Brien is nice in real life, off camera. During filming, Moore figured out that Dan Stevens’ character was making moves, and correctly deduced that he would die in the 2013 season of the series, though Dockery kept mum and would not confirm or deny what turned out to be an accurate suspicion.

Kelly & Michael: Non-Stop Release Date

In a scene from Non-Stop, Neeson wonders about Moore’s behavior on the plane, and whether she is responsible for killing the plane’s captain. You can check out her performance in the movie, coming to theaters on Friday, February 28 2014.


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