Kelly & Michael: Judith Light Israel Vacation & Back to Back Tony’s


Kelly & Michael: Judith Light Wins Back to Back Tony Awards

Judith Light recently won her second Tony Award, making her one of only a handful of people who have ever won back-to-back Tony Awards. When asked which one she likes better, she said she wasn’t sure yet. She is still waiting to get it back from the engraver.

Andy Samberg knew a thing or two about getting awards engraved. He said when he won his Emmy for a song he wrote they had to engrave the name of the song on the award, probably the only time they engraved a curse word on an Emmy.


Kelly & Michael: Judith Light Israel Vacation & Back to Back Tony's

Judith Light talked with Kelly Ripa about her back to back Tony Awards and told her the reasoning behind her trip to Israel this summer.
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Anyways, Light said when they called her name everything just slowed down, adding that is a very surreal moment. She wasn’t expecting to win either, since she had won the previous year but she was half prepared. She had a few things in mind she wanted to say and with only a 90-second time limit from the time they call your name to the time your speech has to end, there isn’t much you can say anyways.

Judith Light Heading to Israel

Kelly Ripa mentioned Judith Light was heading to Israel this year with her child but Light took offense almost immediately seeing as she has no children. Kelly did apologize and said her friend is taking her kids to Israel and she got the two mixed up.


“We’re not going at the same time so we are two different people,” said Light rudely.

Anyways, she continued by saying she has never been but she is excited to go with her husband, whom she met on the soap opera One Life to Live.

“They say if you meet on a soap you will be together forever,” said Kelly. Too bad for Andy Samberg he didn’t mean his fiance on one.

Her grandfather was an orthodox Jew told her she wanted to go to Israel with her. She couldn’t go because of the work schedule and she has always regretted it so now she is going.

You can see the The Assembled Parties at the Manhattan Theatre Club through the rest of June.


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