Kelly + Michael: Josh Henderson Shirtless Dallas Season 3 & Songs


Kelly and Michael: Josh Henderson

Josh Henderson stars in TNT’s popular reboot of Dallas, now entering its third season. He visited Kelly and Michael’s show to talk about what’s in store as new episodes resume. He agreed that his character is a backstabber, and he talked about dressing down for the part. Why is Josh Henderson shirtless or in his underwear all the time?

Kelly & Michael: Josh Henderson Songwriting

Kelly + Michael: Josh Henderson Shirtless Dallas Season 3 & Songs

You can watch for Josh Henderson shirtless and getting even more revealing (as well as writing original songs) in the third season of TNT’s soap Dallas. (DFree /


Josh Henderson said that Nashville is amazing, and he recently spent some time there enjoying the music and food. Henderson made his first appearance on Live! at age 19 in 2002, when he was part of a pop group that performed on the series.

Kelly said that it’s rare and interesting to see someone return to the show in a different capacity. Henderson has written two songs for the show and his character, which will pop up in the current season. “I See You” is a song about the passing of J.R. Ewing, which continues to have an impact on the series.

The song “Shades of Me” talks about his character’s relationship with wife Pamela, which is different from his persona when he is taking care of business.


Kelly and Michael: Josh Henderson Underwear

Josh stars as John Ross Ewing in season three of the TNT soap. Michael Strahan called attention to the fact that Henderson doesn’t wear pants very often. He said it is interesting to attend wardrobe fittings that are different types of underwear.

As for staying in shape, he said that he does indulge in carbs now and then. He said his favorite foods include Tex-Mex, pizza, and beer, which can be a problem for the waistline, but “you only live once.”

Kelly & Michael: Josh Henderson Shirtless

In the beginning of the series (and previously on Desperate Housewives), Henderson had to get used to love scenes on the set. Kelly Ripa said it must be a lot of pressure for good-looking guys to go shirtless on TV all the time.

The hosts showed a clip of Henderson in action, stripping down to elicit information from his mistress. He is attempting to broker a deal in the bedroom, but some more negotiating may be required.

Dallas returns to TNT on Monday, February 24 for season three.


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