Kelly & Michael: Josh Henderson “Dallas” & Working With Larry Hagman


Josh Henderson: Baseball Scholarship

Kelly & Michael welcomed guest Josh Henderson, star of Dallas, for an interview about his role as John Ross Ewing, working with the late Larry Hagman and why he almost didn’t become an actor in the first place.

Josh, who was actually born in Dallas, Texas, was raised in Oklahoma playing baseball. Baseball was Josh’s biggest passion, and he believed that it would one day become his career. After high school, Josh had a scholarship to play in college, but he was also offered a record deal. It was a tough decision, but Josh ultimately decided to go for the Hollywood career, and it’s obviously a decision that’s paid off! Josh’s family was surprised but his mom was always supportive of him. She’s a big fan of Kelly’s, so Kelly waved hello to Sharon Henderson watching from home.


Kelly & Michael: Josh Henderson "Dallas" & Working With Larry Hagman

Dallas star Josh Henderson shared stories from the set about working with the late Larry Hagman on Live! With Kelly & Michael. (Phil Stafford /

Thankfully, Josh still gets the chance to play baseball every now and then. He revealed that he’s currently the MVP of an annual charity game in Frisco, Texas and recently had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a Dodger’s Game.

Josh Henderson: English Bulldog Sadie Facebook Page

Sorry, ladies; there’s only one woman in Josh Henderson’s life these days, although she isn’t quite what you’d think. Josh’s leading lady is his English Bulldog, Sadie. She’s a Beverly Hills dog who lives quite the life of luxury. She even has her own Facebook page, which was started by Josh’s mom, and she now receives more messages than he does.


Josh Henderson: John Ross Ewing On Dallas

Josh portrays John Ross Ewing on Dallas, the scheming cousin of Christopher Ewing, played by Jesse Metcalfe. Josh said that his “Mi-Maw” was a huge Dallas fan, and she “loved to hate J.R.” Now, people love to hate John Ross, and Josh finds the role “such an honor.”

Josh Henderson: Remembering Larry Hagman

Josh also feels honored to have worked with J.R. Ewing himself, the late Larry Hagman. Josh shared a great story of their last day on set together. Josh brought a Nerf gun to the set and shot Larry with a dart in the back of the head. He then asked, “Who shot J.R. now?” Larry eventually had his revenge, getting Josh in the head when he least expected it.

“I was blessed to have known the man,” he said.

See Josh Henderson on Dallas, airing Monday nights at 9 p.m. on TNT.


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