Kelly & Michael: Josh Duhamel Safe Haven & Scenes With Julianne Hough


Josh Duhamel: 40th Birthday Party

Kelly & Michael had the chance to chat with their friend, actor Josh Duhamel, about his new film Safe Haven. First, Josh shared some of the cool things that have happened since he last appeared on Live. Josh, a big golf fan, recently had the chance to play at Pebble Beach for the first time. Then, in November, he celebrated his 40th birthday party.

Josh celebrated his birthday with lots of family and friends. His wife, Fergie, threw him a huge party in California filled with lots of surprise guests.


Kelly & Michael: Josh Duhamel Safe Haven & Scenes With Julianne Hough

Josh Duhamel discussed filming romantic scenes with his Safe Haven co-star Julianne Hough with Kelly & Michael. (Joe Seer /

Josh Duhamel: Kids’ Choice Awards Host

Josh is hosting this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards, and he’s excited to get in touch with his inner kid. He recently did a two day promo photo shoot for the show, which found Josh dressing up as young music pop stars. Kelly & Michael showed off a picture of Josh dressed like Taylor Swift, complete with pajamas and glasses. “Which one is which?” Kelly joked.

Josh Duhamel: Du Or Don’t

Because Live! loves a good pun, Kelly & Michael played a game of “Du or Don’t” with Josh Duhamel (get it?). Here’s some of what we learned about the star:

  • Jean shorts are a don’t, but Crocs are a du (really?).
  • Manscaping and brussels sprouts are both du’s.
  • Meggings (leggings for men) are a don’t.
  • Tattoos are a du, as long as they’re not for Josh.

Josh Duhamel: Safe Haven & Romantic Scenes With Julianne Hough

The real reason Josh stopped by was to discuss his new film, Safe Haven, which is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. Josh was attracted to the film because it’s a bit darker than the average romance story. He called it “a romantic thriller.”

In the film, Josh has many romantic scenes with his co-star Julianne Hough, who is Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend. At first, Josh joked that Ryan sent him threatening e-mails. However, the truth is that Ryan is very supportive, just like Fergie is always supportive of the movies that Josh makes.

Safe Haven, the perfect date film for Valentine’s Day, opens on Thursday, February 14 2013.


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