Kelly & Michael: Jon Hamm Hosting ESPY Awards 2013 & Directing Mad Men


Kelly & Michael: Jon Hamm Mad Men

The award-winning Mad Men has a cult following and the ring leader of the amazing cast is Jon Hamm.  The crowd went crazy for this suave star.

Kelly & Michael: Jon Hamm Hosting ESPY Awards 2013 & Directing Mad Men

Jon Hamm told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan that he will be hosting the ESPY awards this summer. He is also directing an episode on Mad men season 6. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /


Michael said they first met at the Super Bowl, Giants vs. Patriots. This year, Jon Hamm is hosting the ESPY awards. Michael Strahan broke the news and Hamm said he is excited. He’s not clear why they chose the moody drama actor, but his Saturday Night Live hosting has been very popular.

Kelly thought that Don Draper must have been the inspiration behind the hosting selection. No one is more of a man’s man than Don Draper. He’s a big sports fan from St. Louis, Missouri. He’s a Cardinals and Blues fan and has played sports his whole life. Hamm said he will be just nervous enough to get through the night successfully.

Jon Hamm Heading To Mumbai, India

Hamm said that he had to get some shots recently to prepare for filming a movie abroad. He is heading to India to film in several areas. He had to get “all the shots,” three in each arm. He’s now immune to almost anything that India could throw at him.


The role is a sports agent in Million Dollar Arm, based on a true story. He goes to India to introduce baseball to the country. He finds two boys with amazing throwing arms, and one of the men is now with the AAA Pirates organization.

Jon Hamm: Hot For Teacher

Jon Hamm said that he used to do some teaching when he graduated from college. He was a daycare teacher while he was in school. I’m sure all the girls had a crush on Mr. Hamm.

He was raised by a single mom and daycare was a regular part of his life. He noticed that there were never any male teachers, it was almost 100 percent women. He wanted to be an influence for the boys in the school. For three hours a day he worked at a daycare. Then, he went back to his high school and taught. He wanted to give back to the community that always supported him.

He taught Ellie Kemper and her sister when they were in high school. Ellie Kemper went on to star in Bridesmaids with Hamm. He said that she was even more adorable when she was in high school.

Mad Men Season 6 Guest Stars

Linda Cardellini, Freaks and Geeks, joined season six of A&E’s Mad Men. She’s playing Don Draper’s latest mistress. She’s almost unrecognizable in the wig she sports. Ted McGinley also did a guest spot for this season. He’s one of Kelly Ripa’s good friends and he didn’t breathe a word of the guest role. Jon Hamm said he is amazed that McGinley hasn’t aged at all.

There are even more guest stars coming up this season, but the producers of Mad Men are keeping everything under wraps. They hopes that fans will like the element of surprise.

Jon Hamm Directs Mad Men Episode

Season six also saw Don Draper take a bigger role behind the camera. Jon Hamm directed an episode of Mad Men and said he was asked earlier in the series, but was hesitant. He watched his other co-stars take the director role and saw it was possible. He said it was hard work but rewarding. He liked seeing his co-stars taking on new things with him at the helm.


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