Kelly & Michael: Johnny Knoxville Bad Grandpa DVD Deleted Scenes


Kelly and Michael: Johnny Knoxville Snakes & Broken Bones

Johnny Knoxville, best known for his Jackass entertainment franchise, was Kelly and Michael’s guest on a Friday morning to talk about the home video release of Bad Grandpa.

He said that he has a friend in Florida who handles some of the world’s deadliest snakes, and Johnny wanted to bring a snake to the interview, but then he learned that Hayden Panettiere had beaten him to the punch.


Kelly & Michael: Johnny Knoxville Bad Grandpa DVD Deleted Scenes

Johnny Knoxville talked with Kelly and Michael about Bad Grandpa’s Academy Award nomination for makeup and the deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray/DVD release. (Featureflash /

Since his last visit to Live!, Johnny has had another surgery on his hand. Now he has to do exercises as physical therapy to get his fingers working normally again. At the doctor, he was surprised to learn that he also had “a fractured elbow and a torn shoulder.”

Kelly Ripa told him that he handles pain like a woman, which she said is a compliment. “In other words, you’re tougher than the average man,” Strahan said.


Kelly & Michael: Johnny Knoxville Super Bowl

Knoxville will be attending this year’s Super Bowl, and he said that he loves Peyton Manning, so he is rooting for the Denver Broncos. Kelly high fived him, and Michael explained that Kelly is rooting for Manning because of their Super Bowl bet.

Johnny thought that the bet was unbalanced, and once again offered to invite his snake handler friend back on the show.

Kelly and Michael: Bad Grandpa Academy Award Nomination

Johnny’s movie Bad Grandpa got nominated for an Academy Award, thanks to the makeup that turned Knoxville into an elderly character. “No one ever realized it was makeup,” he said of the filming process, even up close and personal during the film’s pranks.

Kelly & Michael: Bad Grandpa Deleted Scenes

Bad Grandpa is the story of a bonding road trip for a grandfather and grandson. Knoxville’s co-star, Jackson Nicoll, was “like a surly adult,” according to Ripa. Johnny said that the kid also has a sweet side.

Though the story was fictional, the pranks along the way were real, and the people involved did not know what was going on until after the fact. Now the movie is coming to DVD, and Knoxville told Kelly and Michael that they always have many extra pranks that don’t make the cut.

Look for alternate marks, deleted scenes and pranks that weren’t in the theatrical version, he promised. As for snakes, Knoxville recalled doing some snake pranks back in the old days.

The hosts watched a clip from the movie where they prank a woman by putting Knoxville’s grandpa character in a malfunctioning adjustable bed. Look for the unrated Bad Grandpa DVD and Blu-Ray, out now.


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