Kelly & Michael: Johnny Galecki “The Big Bang Theory” Review


Johnny Galecki: First Time At Walt Disney World

Johnny Galecki is the star of The Big Bang Theory, and the last time he appeared on Live, the show was in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Now, he’s enjoying the Orlando, Florida sun a bit more than the snowy slopes. “I fell more than I skiied,” Johnny admitted.

Johnny had never been to Walt Disney World before. As a kid, he and his family would visit the local fair, but never made it to the happiest place on earth. Now, Johnny’s able to have a “second childhood.” Joining Johnny on vacation are his girlfriend, actress Kelli Garner, and his aunt and uncle, Pat and Bob. He’s ridden Star Tours twice, and things got pretty competitive on the Toy Story ride. Eventually, this competitive spirit led to hallway foot races at midnight back at the hotel!


Kelly & Michael: Johnny Galecki "The Big Bang Theory" Review

Kelly & Michael interviewed The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki during his first visit to Walt Disney World. (Featureflash /

Johnny Galecki: Leonard & Penny On The Big Bang Theory

Johnny portrays genius physicist Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory, and one of the show’s biggest storylines is the on again, off again relationship between Leonard and Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco). Leonard and Penny drive fans crazy with their constant back-and-forth, and this year’s Valentine’s Day episode was no different.

So, will these two ever get together for good? “I hope not!” Johnny said. He does hope that eventually, Leonard and Penny will have a happy ending. But for now, there’s much more comedy in their relationship the way it is.


Johnny Galecki: The Big Bang Theory Makes Nerds Cool

Kelly pointed out that The Big Bang Theory has almost single-handedly made nerds cool. Johnny doesn’t think the show can take all the credit for that, but he does agree that nerds are a much bigger part of pop culture than they were when he was a kid. However, if you think that Johnny is just as smart as his character, think again. The show relies on a real scientist to verify facts for the actors, and Johnny often looks things up on the internet (but still doesn’t understand them).

You can catch Johnny Galecki on The Big Bang Theory Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS.


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