Kelly + Michael: Joel Kinnaman Robocop Costume & 2014 Remake


Kelly and Michael: Joel Kinnaman Robocop

Half-man, half-machine, Robocop is a classic film that is getting a reboot, with Joel Kinnaman in the lead role. The actor visited Kelly and Michael to talk about stepping into these shoes.

Kelly & Michael: Joel Kinnaman Winter in Sweden

Kelly + Michael: Joel Kinnaman Robocop Costume & 2014 Remake

Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman stars in the 2014 remake of the classic sci-fi cop movie Robocop, and he told Kelly & Michael about fitting into the costume. (Helga Esteb /


Kinnaman is from Sweden, and he said that the current New York weather was comparable to a spring day in his home country. There, winter can last a month and a half longer than in the states, stretching sometimes into April.

His father is American, and Joel said he kept up with American football and the Super Bowl when he was a kid in Sweden.

Kelly and Michael: Joel Kinnaman Robocop Costume Review

This reboot of Robocop is set in Detroit in the year 2028, and in a scene from the movie, Kinnaman checks in with his wife, played by Abbie Cornish. There is a family story built into the film, around the action sequences.


How long did it take him to get in costume? The first time took about an hour and 45 minutes, on a hot day in Pasadena. Kinnaman said it was a sweaty and uncomfortable day, and he was dreading the rest of the shoot. However, they made some adjustments, and it got a lot more bearable.

Kelly & Michael: Robocop 2014 Remake

Robocop opened in theaters on February 12 2014, so you can see it now! The cast also includes Samuel L. Jackson (not Laurence Fishburne), Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton, among many other familiar faces.

This reboot of Robocop has been in the works for over a decade, and audiences probably know Kinnaman best from his time on The Killing, the moody AMC detective mystery that is making a jump to Netflix for its fourth and final season.


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