Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn & Hurricane Sandy


Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Hurricane Sandy

Kelly and Michael weren’t the only ones working as Hurricane Sandy approached New York City. Jimmy Kimmel was scheduled to return to his home of Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Academy of Music for a week of shows, and he planned to go ahead with the Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn shows, with Kelly Ripa as one of his guests.

Jimmy joined the co-hosts and their crew, in his first visit since Michael got the permanent co-host gig. Michael recalled getting a congratulations card from Jimmy that said, “You have very small shoes to fill,” noting Regis’s small stature.


Live with Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn

Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn & Hurricane Sandy

Kelly and Michael talked with ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn’ host Jimmy Kimmel about returning to his hometown for a week of shows & his engagement. (s_bukley /

Jimmy Kimmel said the show must go on, and bragged that he is braver than the Broadway theaters, which have cancelled shows in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. Kelly Ripa said she is concerned about getting back from Brooklyn after appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but Jimmy invited her to have a slumber party with him.

Kelly recalled some highlights of Jimmy Kimmel’s big year, which included hosting the Emmy Awards and the White House Correspondents Dinner, as well as getting engaged to girlfriend Molly McNearny.


He said that the Correspondents Dinner was the scariest part, because he found the president and the White House experience intimidating.

Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Live New Time

Jimmy Kimmel Live is preparing to move up to a new start time of 11:35 p.m., competing directly with David Letterman and Jay Leno. He predicted no one would watch his show on October 29, though, because it will be pre-empted for hurricane coverage.

Live with Kelly & Michael: Hurricane Sandy Weather Days

Kelly and Michael volunteered to let Jimmy borrow their small audience for his show. Jimmy said he talked with Kelly’s daughter backstage, who was excited to be out of school for the weather. But she’ll make it up, because the school calendar has weather days included as a contingency.

As a child, Jimmy said he didn’t plan ahead and wouldn’t worry about making the day up later. Kelly said she used to find snow days energizing as a child. Jimmy said he and his friends used to make garbage can igloos in the snow when he grew up in Brooklyn.

Kelly & Michael: Brooklyn or Bust Game

Jimmy Kimmel brought his family in for his talk show’s Brooklyn Week. They are sleeping in hotels or sharing space with family members in advance of the hurricane. In anticipation of his Brooklyn shows, the co-hosts played “Brooklyn or Bust” with him.

He had to guess the names of Brooklyn icons and institutions while Kelly and Michael described them. His correct answers included Jay-Z, Woody Allen, the Nets basketball team, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Barbra Streisand. More clues included Nathan’s hot dogs and Neil Diamond. It’s safe to say that Jimmy knows Brooklyn, because he got a perfect score.

Kelly & Michael: Gelman Britney Spears Halloween Costume

This week is the Kelly & Michael Halloween bash. It’s usually a fun episode, and the co-hosts will be dressing up as many pop culture icons. In a flashback, we saw a 2002 costume of producer Gelman in a Britney Spears outfit, complete with a giant snake. What did you decide to do as a Halloween costume this year?


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