Kelly & Michael: Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase


Jimmie Johnson: 2-Year-Old Daughter Genevieve

As Jimmie Johnson gets ready to compete for his sixth NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase title, the champion driver took some time to sit down with Kelly & Michael September 13. How is he preparing for competition? Does he feel like he’ll come out on top? Jimmie spilled some secrets with the co-hosts on Live!

Kelly noted that Jimmie has been coming on the show for a long time, and she’s seen him go from “swinging bachelor” to proud husband and father. Jimmie has a two-year-old daughter, Genevieve, and he showed off some pictures of the adorable little girl. Jimmie said that it feels like a cliche, but it truly is the best part of the day to come home and spend time with his daughter. How sweet!


Kelly & Michael: Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase

Jimmie Johnson discussed going for his sixth NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase title on Live with Kelly & Michael. (Action Sports Photography /

Kelly asked a great question: Would Jimmie rather see Genevieve become a race car driver, or marry a race car driver? That one stumped him! Luckily, he doesn’t have to worry about that for a while. Genevieve is interested in cars, though, and every time she sees a race car, she calls it “Daddy’s car.”

Jimmie Johnson: Triathlete Competitor

Recently, Jimmie has taken up triathlon competition as a hobby. He competed in his first triathlon in July, where he finished a respectable 46th out of 400 competitors. His next competition will be in December, where he hopes to improve.


Jimmie was a swimmer in high school, so he feels that it gives him an advantage in the difficult swimming section of the competition. He was actually inspired to enter a triathlon when he got back in the pool for the first time in a while. Once he had paid the entry fee and committed himself, he was motivated to train and never backed out.

Jimmie Johnson: On the Road with Jimmie Johnson

He may be a triathlon in his spare time, but don’t forget that Jimmie’s day job is still driving race cars. At last year’s Sprint Chase Cup, he had a friend take photographs to document his journey over ten weeks. At the end of the competition, Jimmie had collected about 15,000 photographs that he’s now decided to put into a book, On the Road. The coffee table photograph book was self-published and edited by himself and his wife.

Jimmie Johnson: NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase 2012

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase begins this weekend on ESPN. So, how does Jimmie feel about his chances? He admitted that he’s feeling good, and hopes to win his sixth title. It’s hard to say who the favorite is, because it keeps changing. But Jimmie does know that it should be an exciting competition to watch. Good luck Jimmie!


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