Kelly & Michael: Jim Parsons ‘The Big Bang Theory’ & The Bazinga Bee


Jim Parsons: Meeting Michael Strahan

Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jim Parson stopped by Live! with Kelly & Michael to discuss his hit series The Big Bang Theory. Although they’ve met before, it was Jim’s first time on the show with Michael Strahan as co-host. He also couldn’t recall ever visiting the new set, which features an “NFL type hand shuffle.” Jim received the welcome of a star athlete!

When Jim met Michael for the first time, he was very starstruck, and was surprised that Michael knew who he was. Jim is very into fantasy football, but Kelly quickly changed the subject. She doesn’t understand the concept behind fantasy football, so she won’t even try!


Kelly & Michael: Jim Parsons 'The Big Bang Theory' & The Bazinga Bee

Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael to discuss his 40th birthday and the Bazinga Bee. (image credit: DFree /

Jim Parsons: 40th Birthday

Jim recently celebrated his 40th birthday, even though he looks 21. Jim said that he actually feels younger now than he has in a long time. There’s a “freedom” that comes with being 40, so he wasn’t anxious to cross over the hill.

However, he has noticed a few things with his body that aren’t quite the same as they used to be. He can’t see clearly without his glasses, which he needs to drive, read and watch TV because of astigmatism.


Michael Strahan: “Bazinga” Shirt

Jim’s show The Big Bang Theory is currently in its sixth season. The show is so popular that people everywhere can be seen sporting “Bazinga” t-shirts (“bazinga” is Jim’s character, Sheldon Cooper’s, famous catchphrase).

In fact, The Big Bang Theory is so popular that even Michael Strahan owns a “Bazinga” shirt that he bought in Los Angeles. Jim suggested that he get a Michael Strahan jersey and they can sign each other’s backs.

Jim Parsons: Trip To Paris & The Normal Heart

On his upcoming break from The Big Bang Theory, Jim plans on taking his first-ever trip to Paris. He’s a bit nervous about “offending” the Parisians, but Kelly said that they are all lovely and welcoming, despite their reputation. Kelly visited Paris for the first time last summer.

Jim will also be filming the movie adaptation of The Normal Heart for HBO. Jim previously starred in the play, and he’ll be portraying the same character in the film. Last summer, Jim performed on Broadway in Harvey.

Jim Parsons: Bazinga Bee

“Bazinga” and The Big Bang Theory are even popular around the world. Recently, Brazilian scientists discovered a new species of bee which they named after Sheldon Cooper’s favorite phrase. The bee is almost extinct, so they wanted to name it after something that would get the public talking about it. So let’s save the Bazinga bee!

Jim Parsons: Bob Newhart Guest Star

One of Jim’s childhood idols, Bob Newhart, recently guest starred on The Big Bang Theory. Jim was so starstruck, he could hardly believe Bob was real! Kelly and Michael got to preview the episode with Bob Newhart with an exclusive clip. You can catch Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS.


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