Kelly & Michael: Jillian Michaels Workout & “Slim For Life” Review


Jillian Michaels: Slim For Life

Jillian Michaels is a fitness guru, trainer and the weight loss mastermind behind The Biggest Loser on NBC. She’s also the author of a new book, Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast, and Lasting Weight Loss.

Jillian stopped by Live! to school Kelly and Michael on some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding weight loss. She helped the hosts separate fact and fiction when it comes to getting fit. Take her quiz below on how much you know about weight loss.


Kelly & Michael: Jillian Michaels Workout & "Slim For Life" Review

The Biggest Loser trainer and Slim For Life author Jillian Michaels separated fitness fact and fiction with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Jillian Michaels: Getting Fit Fact Or Fiction

  • Lifting weights won’t make you bulky.
  • Fact. Unless you’re eating “a ton of calories” and lifting extremely heavy weights, you won’t bulk up by lifting weights.
  • Muscle turns into fat and/or fat can be converted to muscle.
  • Fiction. These are totally separate body processes, and one doesn’t affect the other.
  • You can spot reduce fat.
  • Fiction. Unless you’re a plastic surgeon, you cannot slim a specific area of the body only. What you can do to get rid of problem areas is eat right and hit the gym.
  • It’s possible to eat before bed and still lose weight.
  • Fact. As long as you don’t overeat, you can lose weight.

Kelly & Michael: Jillian Michaels Work Out

Later, Kelly & Michael hit the mat for some intense, fat-burning moves like push-ups, jumping lunges, squats and burpees. Obviously, Jillian doesn’t reserve her yelling just for The Biggest Loser. She is, however, very motivating – to say the least!

Have you ever tried Jillian’s workout methods? Let us know in the comments section below. For more of Jillian’s expert weight loss and fitness tips, pick up her new book, Slim for Life.



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