Kelly & Michael: Jesse Eisenberg Play The Revisionist & Now You See Me

Kelly & Michael: Jesse Eisenberg from New Jersey

Kelly Ripa was excited to have a another native New Jerseyan on the show in the form of Jesse Eisenberg.

“It’s nice to share a license plate with you,” joked the Academy Award nominated actor.

Jesse Eisenberg Finds Agent at 13

Jesse Eisenberg has always wanted to be in show business. He told Kelly and Michael he really wanted to get out of New Jersey and into New York and the only way he could think of getting out was to get an agent at the age of 13 and began his acting career.

Kelly & Michael: Jesse Eisenberg Play The Revisionist & Now You See Me

Kelly and Michael talked with Jesse Eisenberg about his role in the new movie Now You See Me and his newest play, The Revisionist.
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Jesse Eisenberg Playwright

Did you know Jesse Eisenberg is also a playwright? He said his most recent play is actually a play he finished writing about six years ago but normally he writes and performs the plays when he isn’t shooting a movie. He said when he gets a break from a movie he will write a play and then on the next break in between movies he performs the play.

His newest play, titled The Revisionist, took so long to get into the production and rehearsal stage because Eisenberg really wanted Vanessa Redgrave to play the lead role but she was so hard to get a hold of. For five years he tried contacting her until just recently he finally got her the script and after a week of thinking it over, she was on board.

Jesse Eisenberg: Now You See Me Review

Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of the greatest slide of hand magician in the world in the new movie, Now You See Me. The film follows the lives of a team of magicians who steal magically steal money from corrupt businesses around the world and then give the money back to people it was stolen from.

“It’s like Robin Hood with magic,” said Eisenberg.

To prepare for the role, Eisenberg had the chance to study with the best magicians in the world, but the only thing he learned was that he sucks at magic. He said during some of the tricks in the film, it is not actually his hands doing the magic but actually a hand double.

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