Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Sisto “Suburgatory” & Raising Kids In L.A.


Jeremy Sisto: Raising Kids In Los Angeles

Kelly and Michael spoke with actor Jeremy Sisto who plays a cool dad on the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. Currently, Jeremy is also a cool dad in real life, although he knows this is temporary. His children are four and one, so for now, at least, they believe their dad is awesome.

Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Sisto "Suburgatory" & Raising Kids In L.A.

Jeremy Sisto discussed his two children and his ABC series Suburgatory with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /


The last time Jeremy appeared on the show his newborn son didn’t have a name. Eventually, Jeremy and his wife settled on Bastian Kick Sisto. Jeremy admitted that raising kids in Los Angeles is a bit tough, but his family spends a lot of time in downtown L.A. His daughter loves wearing a Mexican dress that she calls her “party dress.” She was even wearing it in a picture with the Easter bunny where the kids were miraculously not crying!

Jeremy Sisto: Race Car Driving

Jeremy has recently taken up race car driving, which made Michael very jealous. Jeremy said that when he was young, he read a book that suggested he would make a great race car driver as a Libra. Since then, he’s approached his new hobby a little bit too cocky. Kelly suggested that he remember his two children in order to stay on the safe side.

Jeremy Sisto: Taking It Off On Suburgatory

Jeremy didn’t explain why, but he did reveal that he’s “taking it all off” on tonight’s episode of Suburgatory. He brought some still pictures of himself in nothing but a butcher’s apron surrounded by sausages. Looks like an interesting episode! Jeremy said that some of the sausages were real (and smelly), but most were fake.


On Suburgatory, Jeremy plays George Altman, a cool suburban dad from New York City. Currently, George and Cheryl Hines’ character, Dallas Royce, are dating. Kelly and Michael checked out a clip of George and Dallas on a date.

Suburgatory airs Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.


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