Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Renner Social Media + Kill the Messenger


Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan Magic Mike

Jeremy Renner came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his new movie Kill the Messenger, which is based on a true story. He had a painting with him, but he wouldn’t show it at first. I was intrigued. Kelly & Michael always surprise him, so he decided to surprise them. The painting was in the dressing room and it made him laugh. He took it off the wall and brought it out because he wanted to talk about it.

It was a hilarious picture of Michael trying to do a split with Kelly and Channing Tatum watching. Renner talked about how he went from hurting people on the football field to being “on a pole” because he really is doing Magic Mike. Gelman actually threw money at Michael. That’s really how he got the job at both Live! With Kelly & Michael and Magic Mike.


Check out the video here:

Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Renner Family

Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Renner Social Media + Kill the Messenger

Jeremy Renner told Kelly & Michael that his new movie ‘Kill the Messenger’ really shows the importance of the First Amendment. (Featureflash /


Renner’s married now. It’s been great. He has no complaints. Most of the complaints happen the first year, so that’s good. He’s also a father to a one and a half-year-old baby girl. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” he said. He thought he loved his job, but he really loves being a father. She’s growing so fast and running around. He loves it. Girls are also really smart. He saw fraternal twins once and the girl was talking and stuff while the boy was eating sand.

Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Renner Social Media

Renner just joined social media. He doesn’t really like it. It’s just something he’s trying to do, but he still doesn’t know how it works. He’s doing it as an experiment to try to expose himself, but he’s a really private person and it makes him uncomfortable. He knows how to create content though, and he put up a great throwback Thursday picture. They use it in movies a lot. “My mom must have been drunk or something,” he said. He had a hilarious haircut.

Kelly & Michael: Avengers + Mission Impossible 5

The Avengers sequel is coming out in May. Plus Mission Impossible 5 is shooting now. He goes back today. Tom Cruise is amazing. They shot for 23 days, and it isn’t even half the movie. There are huge screens to show everything that’s been shot and a trailer. It keeps people going. “You won’t be disappointed I don’t think,” Renner said.

Kelly & Michael: Kill the Messenger Review

Kill the Messenger is based on a true story about an investigative reporter named Jim Webb. Renner said it’s really relevant today. He produced and starred in it and the biggest takeaway for him was the importance of the First Amendment. It’s important for our youth to understand that.

The movie did help him understand journalism. His experience with journalists was all salacious and them trying to take from him. The idea of investigative reporting makes people uncomfortable, but it’s important for checks and balances.

The movie is about the reporter who busts the CIA for smuggling illegal drugs into the country. He uncovered something bigger than he or the paper could handle. He was applauded at first and then the media turned on him. He got discredited and it led to his demise.

This is actually the first film from Renner’s production company. That’s very exciting. He was happy to get into a role in the same vein as The Hurt Locker and The Town. He loves the big movies, but he likes the challenging work too.

In the clip of Kill the Messenger Renner’s character is called into a meeting where they say that he’s getting into some dangerous territory. He’s being followed. Then they threatened his children. Kill the Messenger is in theaters now.


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