Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Piven “Mr. Selfridge” & “Entourage” Movie


Jeremy Piven: Entourage Movie

Jeremy Piven stopped by Live! with Kelly & Michael to discuss his latest project, the PBS series Mr. Selfridge. However, everyone remembers Jeremy as super-agent Ari Gold on the hit HBO series Entourage. Both Michael and guest co-host Maria Menounos guest starred on the popular, long-running show.

Ever since Entourage aired its final episode, rumors of a big screen adaptation have been swirling. So will the Entourage movie ever happen? Jeremy was very vague, but he did say that there is a script. “I can’t be any more cryptic than that,” he admitted.


Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Piven "Mr. Selfridge" & "Entourage" Movie

Jeremy Piven discussed his role in the period drama Mr. Selfridge and current plans for an Entourage movie on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /

Jeremy Piven: Meeting Prince Harry

Entourage is still so popular that even the British Royal Family is a fan! Jeremy recently had the chance to meet Prince Harry, who kept referring to him as “Ari.” When asked why he didn’t correct him, Jeremy explained, “I didn’t want to get beheaded.”

Now, Jeremy was pleased to say that his British fans are calling him “Harry Selfridge” instead of “Ari.”


Jeremy Piven: Harry Selfridge In Mr. Selfridge

In Mr. Selfridge, Jeremy portrays Harry Selfridge, an American retail tycoon who invented the department store in England. In the U.K., Selfridges is still a popular department store. The series takes place in 1909, when Harry Selfridge first came to England.

Jeremy Piven: Mr. Selfridge vs. Downton Abbey

Jeremy is a big fan of Downton Abbey, but Mr. Selfridge differs slightly from the popular British import. While Downton takes place in the country, Mr. Selfridge is set in the city and is a show that “celebrates modernity.” Still, fans of Downton Abbey will find much to like about the new period drama.

Jeremy revealed that working in England was an amazing experience because of the talented, dedicated actors. “It’s some of the best stuff I’ve ever been a part of,” he said.

Maria, Michael and the audience checked out an exclusive clip of Jeremy in Mr. Selfridge. See more of Jeremy Piven when Mr. Selfridge premieres on Sunday, March 31 2013 on PBS.


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