Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Irons Pope Alexander VI & The Borgias Season 3


Jeremy Irons: Street Performer

Kelly and Michael welcomed Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons for a discussion on the upcoming third season of The Borgias. Jeremy explained what it’s like to portray the controversial Pope Alexander VI in 16th Century Europe. But first, the gifted thespian revealed his humble beginnings as a street performer in London.

Jeremy used to camp out near theaters and cinemas singing songs by Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul & Mary. He explained that he never knew how to pick up girls, but performing was a great way to meet them. He found that beautiful women would gather wherever he played.


Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Irons Pope Alexander VI & The Borgias Season 3

Jeremy Irons discussed his role as Pope Alexander VI in The Borgias with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Jeremy Irons: Married For 34 Years

Now, though, there’s just one special woman in Jeremy’s life: his wife, Sinead. The couple met while performing in neighboring theaters (she was wearing velvet hot pants) and have now been married for 34 years.

Actually, since they dated for six years before marrying, Jeremy and Sinead will soon celebrate their 40th anniversary. When asked what the secret to such a long, happy relationship is, Jeremy stressed the importance of taking it “one day at a time.”


Jeremy Irons: Pope Alexander VI

Jeremy portrays corrupt, controversial Pope Alexander VI in the Showtime historical drama series The Borgias. Going into the show, he knew the reputation of the Borgia family but didn’t know much about the Pope. He’s since learned a lot about him, though, and realized that he was “a King more than a Pope.” In order to research the role, the show uses diaries from historians who lived during this era.

Jeremy watched the recent election of Pope Francis with renewed interest. He was fascinated to learn that a real stove is wheeled into the Sistine Chapel in order to provide the famous smoke. I always imagined it was a torch or something.

Jeremy Irons: The Borgias Season Three Premiere

Kelly, Michael and the audience refreshed their memory with a clip from season two. At the end of the season, Pope Alexander VI was poisoned and now everyone is a suspect. Learn what happens next when The Borgias premieres on Sunday, April 7 on Showtime.


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