Kelly & Michael: Jenny McCarthy Wedding, Tour + Radio Show


Kelly & Michael: Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. She’s always fun, so this should be an entertaining interview. She has a comedy tour and a new radio show. Plus she’s a newlywed. She couldn’t move in her dress, which happened to be a Victoria Beckham dress. Plus, she ate Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Kelly & Michael: Jenny McCarthy Wedding

Kelly & Michael: Jenny McCarthy Wedding, Tour + Radio Show

Jenny McCarthy came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about her wedding, tour, and radio show. (Jaguar PS /


McCarthy just got married to Donnie Wahlberg. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world,” she said. They met on Andy Cohen’s show, but McCarthy thought he was married. She found out he was single when he was on her VH1 show. Then “the heat was on.” Her son Evan walked her down the aisle. He was nervous.

Then she started thinking about all the single moms. They’re a package deal, but Wahlberg really opened his heart to him and Evan calls him Daddy. McCarthy got so emotional about it. All of the New Kids were his groomsmen. His mom was scared of flying but wanted to be there so they had their tour bus go get her. They also recreated some scenes from movies. They had two songs because they couldn’t pick. One was “Edelweiss,” which people make fun of them for, but they also reenacted “You’re The One That I Want” by Olivia Newton John. They open the show with that when Wahlberg comes with her on tour.

Check out the video here:


Kelly & Michael: Jenny McCarthy Tour

McCarthy was just in Detroit for her Dirty, Sexy, Funny tour. She’s been all over the country. It’s an all-female comedy troupe, which is awesome. They started last February. Kelly said she’s one of the funniest women. She’s a great storyteller. It winds up being really bad for you, but McCarthy loves self-deprecating humor.

Kelly & Michael: Jenny McCarthy Radio Show

Then Sirius XM called and said she should try out. She did the first radio show and was so excited to have the microphone without interruption that she forgot what was going on. She loved it and they gave her a deal. She follows Howard Stern and will be premiering on October 27 2014. It’s channel 109. It’ll also bring more female comedians in, which is really exciting. I think I’ll check it out. She’s really funny and I love that she’s trying to help other female comedians.


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