Kelly + Michael: Jennifer Connelly Winter’s Tale Review & Shelter


Kelly & Michael: Jennifer Connelly

Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly was Kelly and Michael’s first guest for #EndWinterNow Week, and she did wear a colorful skirt to get into the tropical spirit. She was promoting the film Winter’s Tale.

Connelly loved getting to escape to fake Bora Bora. Kelly Ripa said that this year reminds her of the freezing winter of 1995. During a previous visit, Connelly was pregnant with her third child. Now she has a daughter who is two-and-a-half, and her sons are great older brothers to her.


Kelly and Michael: Paul Bettany Shelter Preview

Kelly + Michael: Jennifer Connelly Winter's Tale Review & Shelter

From the modern adult fantasy film Winter’s Tale, Jennifer Connelly talked to Kelly & Michael about being a mom and working with her husband on a movie. (Featureflash /

“They’re all extraordinary in their own way,” she said. She also has a teenager and a 10-year-old boy. She recently got to work on the film Shelter, written and directed by her husband, Paul Bettany. She admitted that “I had to sleep with the director.”

Connelly said it was great to work with her husband of 11 years. They have been through so much that they were used to overcoming challenges. They met while working on another movie, and they were able to get in sync on the set.


Would you want to work with you significant other?

Kelly & Michael: Jennifer Connelly Winter’s Tale Review

Connelly declined to get a spray tan backstage after her interview, putting her in the same camp with Strahan. But she did want to talk about Winter’s Tale, which Michael called “a fairy tale for grownups.”

Jennifer said it has themes of fate, destiny, good vs. evil, and magic around us. The power of love helps to keep Colin Farrell alive for centuries. Connelly is a single mom who meets him later in his long life.

Her character is a link for his character to his destiny and past. But her focus is on making sacrifices as a mother. In a scene from the film, she learns that he does not have a memory, and she decides to help him get access to something he needs.

Check out Winter’s Tale in theaters on February 14 2014.


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