Kelly & Michael: Jeffrey Donovan Working 2 Years on Jack Dempsey Film


Kelly & Michael: Jeffrey Donovan on Fatherhood

Jeffrey Donovan, star of Burn Notice, stopped by Live! to talk about being a father. Donovan’s wife, Michelle Woods, gave birth to a little girl late last year. He said he loves being a father and he seems very hands on. He told Kelly and Michael he changes her all the time and he loves taking care of her although she is getting a little out of control during the changings now.

Donovan said when his daughter was a newborn, she just laid there when he changed her. Then, when she was three months old, she would squirm a bit and then when she was around six months old he would lay her down to change her and the next thing he knows she is making him breakfast.


Jeffrey Donovan Played Quarterback in High School

Kelly & Michael: Jeffrey Donovan Working 2 Years on Jack Dempsey Film

Jeffrey Donovan stopped by Live! to talk about being a father, working for two years on a film about Jack Dempsey and about the final season of Burn Notice.
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Michael Strahan was wondering why he had the urge to tackle Jeffrey Donovan until he found out Donovan was a quarterback in high school. He also played wide receiver for but said he wasn’t that good. He was only 5 foot, 10 inches tall and weighed in around 150 pounds.

“Unless you were Wes Welker back in the day, that wasn’t really a model size,” said Donovan.


Live!: Jeffrey Donovan Drives Bus to Pay for College

Jeffrey Donovan did not grow up in a wealthy family, meaning he had to find other ways to afford his college tuition. He told Kelly and Michael through a work study program he was able to pay his way through college by driving a bus.

Every morning Donovan would get up at 4 a.m. and drive this bus to pick up other students around the campus. He said it taught him responsibility and it taught him how to be self motivated.

“Except for the one time I fell asleep and crashed the bus,” said Donovan, adding that he was only going about 5 mph when it happened.

Jeffrey Donovan Training Two Years for Jack Dempsey Film

Jeffrey Donovan told Kelly Ripa, who is an avid boxing fan, he has been training for two years to star as Jack Dempsey in a film about the boxer’s life. Donovan, a fan of boxing himself, said he wrote the story because there is a lot of Dempsey’s life many people do not know and he thinks it is a story people will enjoy hearing.

Kelly & Michael: Burn Notice Final Season

Burn Notice is premiering its seventh and final season tonight, June 6 2013, and Jeffrey Donovan said the one thing he will miss the most is the awesome cast he has had the chance to work with for so long. He really admired how hard they worked in 100-degree temperatures in Miami.


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