Kelly & Michael: Jason O’Mara Jack Lamb In ‘Vegas’ & Wife Paige Turco


Jason O’Mara: New York Giants Fan

Actor Jason O’Mara appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael to discuss his role on the CBS series Vegas. Although Jason has appeared on the show several times before, it was his first time meeting Michael Strahan. Jason was honored to meet Michael because although he’s originally from Ireland, he’s a die-hard New York Giants Fan.

Kelly & Michael: Jason O'Mara Jack Lamb In 'Vegas' & Wife Paige Turco

Jason O’Mara discussed his role on the CBS series Vegas with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /


Jason O’Mara: Wife Paige Turco Taught Kelly To Eat Lobster

Jason’s wife, Paige Turco, is one of Kelly’s oldest friends from All My Children. According to Jason, Paige claims that she is responsible for Kelly learning to eat lobster. Kelly confirmed this story that Paige apparently tells each Fourth of July.

Kelly and Paige were at a Christmas party on the top floor of the World Trade Center for All My Children. There were decorative lobsters on the table but nothing to crack them open with. Paige, who’s from New England, taught Kelly how to break open a lobster using only your hands. Now, Kelly can eat a lobster wherever she goes, thanks to Jason’s wife Paige.

Jason O’Mara: Deputy Jack Lamb On Vegas

On the CBS series Vegas, Jason portrays Deputy Jack Lamb, a Nevada cowboy. Jason explained his character’s complicated backstory; after killing a Vegas mob boss, he’s recently fallen in love with the man’s daughter. Their love story seems reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet.


Jason’s co-stars are Michael Chiklis and Dennis Quaid, two very multi-talented actors. They both act, direct, make music, plus Dennis can also fly a plane. Jason was feeling a bit down on himself, but Kelly cheered him up. Can either of their wives crack open a lobster? Probably not!

We got to preview the next episode of Vegas, which is directed by Michael Chiklis. In the clip, Jack and his brother, Sheriff Ralph Lamb, are on the hunt for corrupt mobsters. Vegas airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS.


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