Kelly & Michael: Jane Levy “Suburgatory” & Buried Alive In “Evil Dead”


Jane Levy: Natural Blonde

Jane Levy stopped by Live! with Kelly & Michael to discuss her roles in Suburgatory and the new horror film Evil Dead. Kelly couldn’t even look at the picture of Jane from Evil Dead – it was so scary! Find out more about this talented young actress below, and learn the gory details of what it’s like to shoot a horror film – if you dare.

Jane revealed that she performed in community theater and school plays as a child, but she never acted professionally until two or three years ago when she booked a job on the Showtime series Shameless. Jane has a 97-year-old grandmother who lives in New York City and fully supports Jane’s acting career.


Kelly & Michael: Jane Levy "Suburgatory" & Buried Alive In "Evil Dead"

Actress Jane Levy discussed her roles in Suburgatory and the horror remake Evil Dead. (DFree /

When Jane said that her grandmother “gets a kick” out of her red hair, Kelly was shocked to learn that Jane is not a natural redhead. Although red hair suits her so well, Jane revealed that she’s a natural blonde, sort of like Kelly’s. Kelly laughed, because that isn’t her natural color, either.

Jane Levy: Suburgatory Audition

Jane’s breakout role was the ABC series Suburgatory where she portrays Jeremy Sisto’s teenage daughter, Tessa Altman. Jane revealed that she scored the role without even trying! She walked into ABC for a general meeting, but when an executive saw her wearing motorcycle boots, he asked her to read for the part.


Because Jane plays a teenager on TV, people always think she’s younger than her actual 23 years. As Kelly put it, Jane has “a very youthful face.” Jane said that she recently traveled through the airport wearing overalls and no makeup, and people thought she was too young to be traveling alone. She was actually stopped and asked for her age!

Jane Levy: Buried Alive In Evil Dead

Jane is also starring on the big screen in a remake of the 1981 horror classic Evil Dead. The film is known for its “outrageous gore,” so Jane knew she would be in for a rough time during filming. She admitted that shooting the movie was extremely grueling.

“Every bad thing that could ever happen to someone happens to my character,” she explained, including the unleashing of evil spirits. Plus, there was no CGI used in the film in order to maintain authenticity. Evil Dead was shot in New Zealand, and Tessa even had to be buried alive. She endured everything like a champ – including several takes with a vomit tube – but she drew the line at being buried alive and would only allow them to shoot it once. “It was so scary,” she admitted.

Kelly cringed at the truly terrifying clip of Jane in Evil Dead. Kelly had to watch the clip through her fingers. The movie looks so good, but I don’t think I can see it. I’ll probably never sleep again! Suburgatory airs Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. on ABC. Also – if you’re brave enough – see Evil Dead in theaters Friday, April 5 2013.


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