Kelly & Michael: James Spader The Avengers + The Blacklist Review


Kelly & Michael: James Spader

James Spader came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about the second season of his hit show The Blacklist. Spader plays a criminal mastermind named Red who starts to work with an FBI profiler names Lizzie to take people off of his blacklist. Things get dangerous, obviously, and there’s a lot of speculation over what those two really mean to each other and who Lizzie’s real father is. I watched the first season and it was definitely intense. Spader’s actually won three Emmys in his career.

Spader hadn’t been on the show since they redid the set, so he was in a bit of a state of shock when he first came in, but he liked the overall changes. He especially liked the top level.


Kelly & Michael: James Spader The Avengers

Kelly & Michael: James Spader The Avengers + The Blacklist Review

James Spader came by to talk about his summer shooting ‘The Avengers’ and what’s coming up on ‘The Blacklist.’ (Helga Esteb /

Spader had a crazy summer. He wrapped the first season of The Blacklist, which was a hit. He then got on an airplane to London two days later to start shooting The Avengers, which I am so excited for. I loved the first Avengers and I had heard that Spader was going to be in the next one. I think he’s going to do a fantastic job. He was there for about two and a half months, “pretending that I was on vacation, but working.” He then went right to Comic-Con for The Avengers and The Blacklist. Then started shooting The Blacklist again. That was a really busy summer.

Spader didn’t spend much time checking out Comic-Con, because of his schedule. “It is a crazy place though,” he said. It was like nothing else he’d ever seen before. There was such a level of anticipation and devotion. He went for the first time last year for the first season of The Blacklist, but there wasn’t that much of a fan base yet. It was really something this year though.


Kelly & Michael: James Spader Anti-Hero Characters

Spader’s known for his anti-hero, sneaky and unlikable roles. But that’s not who he really is. “That’s a matter of perspective,” Spader laughed. He doesn’t like to put himself out there. “I’d rather crawl into someone else and put them out there,” he said.

Spader really puts himself into his roles. His father was an English teacher and they read all the time. His grandfather was the same way. This turned him into an incredible actor because he loves stories and make believe. He always picks great roles.

Kelly & Michael: The Blacklist Review

Spader’s character Raymond “Red” Reddington always wears hats on The Blacklist. There are only actually three hats, but he constantly keeps changing which one he wears. He can’t travel around with trunks of stuff because he’s always moving around, so he actually repeats himself a lot. Hats are really practical, “and I don’t have a lot of hair on my head,” Spader said. Spader loves his hats too. He has a fedora on the top shelf now because he can’t wear them anymore since he wears them so much on the show. His family loves hats.

We were left hanging at the end of the last season. The task force is in disarray and everyone’s in trouble. They hit the ground running with season 2 though. The stakes are suddenly much higher, but they’re still facing the same adversary months later. The first season was all about setting up the ground rules, but the second season is going to open up about the past and relationships and what’s going on with the regulars on the show.

The clip of The Blacklist showed Red trying to find his enemy Berlin before he found Red. He gets bounty hunters to give him information. At first the bounty hunter laughs at him and decides to kill him, but Red shows exactly what he’s capable of. The Blacklist airs on Mondays on NBC.


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