Kelly & Michael: James Marsden ‘Bachelorette’ Review & Sex Talk


Live With Kelly & Michael: James Marsden

James Marsden has never met an acting or performing challenge he wasn’t up for. He hung out with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan to discuss his new film, Bachelorette.

It turns out that James and Michael know one another from a pre-Oscar party, where they met a few years ago. They had a great rapport, and James seemed to be in good spirits despite a late night at work.


His head is shaved for his future role as a Naval commander, and he lost his luggage on the redeye flight to New York for his appearance on Live!

Live!: James Marsden Sex Talk with Son

James Marsden 'Bachelorette': Kelly & Michael

James Marsden from 'Bachelorette' told Kelly and Michael about his impromptu dressing room at a strip club. (Phil Stafford /

James has two children, an 11-year-old boy who started sixth grade and a 6-year-old daughter entering first grade.


Kelly asked whether James is ready to have the birds and bees discussion with his son. James thinks he is, but wants to let his son come to him.

“I think it’s just being succinct and making sure they feel like it’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” he said. “He’s going to be mortified anyway, right?”

Kelly said her mother bragged about giving her and her siblings the sex talk as soon as they could speak, at age 2. But Kelly complained that they never revisited the topic at a more age-appropriate time.

Kelly & Michael: James Marsden Bachelorette Review

In the new movie Bachelorette, James Marsden plays the role of best man Trevor. His job is making sure everyone turns up at the wedding. But his on-set dressing room was in a strip club.

James explained that there were some movie scenes filmed in a strip club. To keep things under budget, the cast used lap dance rooms in a strip club as their dressing rooms. He didn’t want to remember the experience, but Kelly pressed for details.

He said it was very dark, and Michael feigned ignorance about anything that might occur in a strip club.

Kelly & Michael: Watch Bachelorette Online Now

In a clip from Bachelorette, the guys and girls of the wedding party run into one another as the men are leaving to visit a strip club. The movie is available now via video on demand and online; it debuts in theaters Friday, September 7 2012.

James said it’s already #1 on iTunes. In addition to being a buzzed-about flick, it’s also fun to see filmmakers and producers experimenting with new ways of getting movies to audiences.



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