Kelly & Michael: Jake Johnson New Girl Virgins Episode & Burrito Van


Kelly & Michael: New Girl’s Jake Johnson

On New Girl, Jake Johnson plays Nick, Jess’s roommate and new love interest. It’s been an uphill battle to get Jess and Nick together, but fans have always pulled for this awkward pairing. April 22 was Jake’s first time to Live! With Kelly & Michael

Jake Johnson Helga Esteb /

Jake Johnson told Kelly and Michael that he used to sell burritos out of a van. Not a food truck, but literally the back of a van. Helga Esteb /


Jake Johnson Sold Burritos Out Of A Van

Jake didn’t have a back up plan. The plan was always to be an actor. He joked that he is not smart enough or skilled enough to be a doctor. He told Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa that his strangest job so far has been selling burritos out of “an A-Teamtype van.

New Girl “Virgins” Episode

In an upcoming episode, the characters have flashbacks about losing their V-cards. In a clip, Nick’s dad brings home two exotic women from the streets for a teenage Nick and his friend Winston. Teenage Nick wants nothing to do with the ladies of the night.

Jake said the best part about the scene is that Winston, played by Lamorne Morris, thinks the women are really attracted to him for his style.


Jake Johnson: Safety Not Guaranteed

Luckily for Jake, acting is working out well. He’s become a heartthrob thanks to New Girl and has had a few movie roles recently. In summer 2012, Jake was in the indie comedy Safety Not Guaranteed

The film was about a group of journalists who find a classified ad asking for an assistant to help build a time machine. Safety was not guaranteed with this mission. Jake played the grouchy lead journalist who had ulterior motives for the mission. The film was a dark horse comedy, but definitely a must see for fans of Moonrise Kingdom, The Mindy Project, New Girl and Parks and Recreation


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