Kelly & Michael: Jake Johnson “New Girl” & Martellus Bennett Twitter


Kelly & Michael: Jake Johnson Chicago Bears Fan

New Girl star Jake Johnson dropped by Live! With Kelly & Michael to discuss the brand new season of his hilarious Fox sitcom, premiering September 17 2013. Jake came out right after the whole Fox NFL Sunday team left, and as it turns out, Jake is a huge football fan as well.

Jake’s hometown is Evanston, Illinois, which mean’s he’s a Chicago Bears fan. But Jake isn’t just a casual fan; he considers himself a “diehard” Bears fan, although he prefers watching games from his couch instead of outside in the cold.


Jake Johnson Martellus Bennett Twitter Messages

Kelly & Michael: Jake Johnson "New Girl" & Martellus Bennett Twitter

Jake Johnson discussed his awkward Twitter exchange with Chicago Bear Martellus Bennett and the upcoming season of “New Girl.” (s_bukley /

Jake is such a big fan of the Bears, he can be a little overzealous at times. One such instance was a recent Twitter exchange with Martellus Bennett. Jake was so excited to have Martellus join his favorite team, he decided to send him a Twitter message. Martellus responded to say that he watches New Girl, and invited him to hang out at one of the Bears’ games. Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt on New Girl, warned Jake not to “blow it,” but he did!

“Tell me if this is as nerdy as I think it is,” Jake prompted Kelly and Michael. He explained that he sent Martellus another message—beginning with “Dear Martellus”—about the new coach of the Bears. Jake never got a response, and Kelly agreed that he definitely crossed into stalker territory.


If Martellus never responds to Jake’s tweet, Michael promised to be his friend. Kelly said that she once asked a woman she “admires tremendously” to her house over Twitter, and never received a response. I wonder if it was Madonna?!

Jake Johnson: New Girl Season Three

New Girl season three gets underway September 17, and picks up right where season two left off. After months of flirting and tension, roommates Nick and Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel) are finally together.

Jake said that the writers take a lot of fan advice into consideration, and the actors are only a couple of episodes behind the public. They receive scripts on Tuesday, and the episode begins shooting Monday, which keeps things fresh and exciting.

Jake, Kelly and Michael previewed the new season with a clip of Nick and Jess in the back of a car. Catch New Girl every Tuesday on Fox.


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