Kelly & Michael: Jake Gyllenhaal “End of Watch” Interview


Jake Gyllenhaal: Uncle for the Second Time

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal received a very warm welcome from the Live! audience when he appeared with Kelly & Michael. But before they talked about film and stage projects, Kelly congratulated Jake on becoming an uncle for the second time. His older sister, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, recently welcomed a new baby daughter named Gloria. Kelly wanted to know, what’s it like for Jake to see his sister with two little kids?

Jake finds it incredible that his two nieces remind him so much of himself and his sister when they were kids. His oldest niece, Ramona, will tease Gloria and make her cry, then give her a kiss to cheer her up. He said that he and his sister have that same dynamic to this day!


Kelly & Michael: Jake Gyllenhaal "End of Watch" Interview

Jake Gyllenhaal discussed his new film “End of Watch” with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /

So, does being an uncle make Jake think he’ll want babies of his own someday soon? Kelly was only asking because there were “lots of willing volunteers” in the audience! Jake said that he “definitely” would love a family. He’s already feeling a lot of pressure from his mom. Now Kelly’s adding to the pressure, too!

Jake Gyllenhaal: U.S. Stage Debut

Jake has performed on the London stage, but he is set to make his first U.S. theater debut in the Roundabout Theater Company’s production of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet. His character in the play is also an uncle, and since it’s a British production, Jake puts on his best accent for his performance. He’s excited to debut in front of a home crowd.


However, Jake said that sometimes the audience can make it tough to put on a good show. First, there are the cell phones; people are told to turn them off, but there’s always someone who doesn’t! Jake also had an experience with three people who shared a sandwich from a plastic bag, all sitting in the front row. Seriously, they couldn’t have eaten before?!

Jake Gyllenhaal: New Film End of Watch

Jake’s newest film is called End of Watch, which Michael described as a police action thriller that really takes the audience on a ride. Jake plays a police officer, so in order to be convincing, he rode along with real LAPD officers for five months, 2-3 times a week. He also went through extensive training every single day.

The film also stars Michael Pena, Anna Kendrick, and America Ferrera, and is directed by David Ayer. Jake explained that David holds a real respect for police officers, and portrays the police force in a realistic way. Jake, Kelly and Michael watched a clip of Jake and co-star Anna Kendrick dancing at the wedding of their characters. Jake has got some real moves!

You can catch End of Watch in theaters September 21 2012. Kelly called both Jake’s performance and the film “phenomenal.”


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