Kelly & Michael: J.K. Simmons First Jobs + ‘Whiplash’


Kelly & Michael: J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his movie Whiplash, which I’ve heard is really good. It’s about a drummer and his teacher at a prestigious school. I think Simmons is really talented, so I was really excited for this interview. He’s been on Oz and Juno. He’s been nominated for a Golden Globe for Whiplash.

Kelly & Michael: J.K. Simmons Golden Globes

Kelly & Michael: J.K. Simmons First Jobs + 'Whiplash'

J.K. Simmons came by to talk about his movie ‘Whiplash’ with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /


His family is very excited about the Golden Globes. His daughter is helping his wife look for dresses on life. His son doesn’t really care.

Kelly & Michael: J.K. Simmons Birthday

Simmons has a birthday coming up in two days. He joked he’ll be 100, but he’ll be 60. They’ll be in New York, where they used to live, so they’ll be with some old New York friends. Kelly & Michael wanted to come.

Kelly & Michael: J.K. Simmons First Jobs

Simmons used to have interesting jobs before he made it. He had to wear a tutu. He wanted to deny it, but there was a picture. It was hilarious. Kelly thought it was her when they showed her the picture backstage. She didn’t see the beard. They were “Tutu grams.” He did singing telegrams.


Kelly & Michael: J.K. Simmons Soaps

He was also on soaps like Kelly. Both of them did All My Children first. He played a Canadian Mountie. He also did Ryan’s Hope. He and his friend played FBI agents and they said, “We’ll be back,” because they didn’t know if they’d bring them back or not, but they wanted to come back.

Kelly & Michael: J.K. Simmons in ‘Whiplash’

Simmons plays a very intimidating music teacher in Whiplash, who’s very hard on the drummer. He was scary on Oz, but how did he prepare? He had to prepare as a conductor for the music. He studied that in college, so it helped.

He’s good at playing a scary guy, but he’s so nice. He said he had a gargoyle face. He also has a low voice.

He wore all black in the film and he was ripped. He thanked his trainer. It was something he talked about before they started. He wanted to intimidate and part of it was physical. They debated whether his daughter would see it, but both his kids saw it. She didn’t really want to though. It might help when she meets boys. Oz would have helped too.

He and Miles Teller were sort of having a boxing match in the movie. That was the point. It was back and forth.

In the clip of Whiplash, Simmons wasn’t into Teller’s tempo. So he threw a chair and got into his face and made him count and started hitting him. It was pretty terrifying. Whiplash is in theaters now.


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