Kelly & Michael: Hugh Jackman Diet & Exercise + The River


Kelly & Michael: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his Broadway play The River. He’s insanely talented and really charismatic, so this should be a good interview. He had the best entrance ever. He started out on the upper level and completely shocked some audience members. Nobody’s ever done that before. They chose the song “Hot Stuff” for him. They call him Huge Ackman too.

Kelly & Michael: Hugh Jackman Diet and Exercise

Kelly & Michael: Hugh Jackman Diet & Exercise + The River

Hugh Jackman talked about his Broadway play ‘The River’ with Kelly & Michael. (Jaguar PS /


Jackman is so excited for Michael to be in Magic Mike XXL. They were all at the Baby Buggy event and Michael wouldn’t eat any of the desserts. They’re both so disciplined with their diets. Jackman’s always in great shape. He likes beer, lasagna, and ice cream for his cheat day. He has cereal at 10 at night and he doesn’t feel guilty the next day. The Rock does cheat days the right way. They had a picture of Jackman working out. That’s so impressive. He starts working out at 5:45. He and Michael compared their dead lifting.

Kelly & Michael: Hugh-in Hugh-Out

Jackman played a game with Kelly & Michael called “Hugh-In Hugh-Out,” and for every activity he would not do, he had to remove an article of clothing. He was Hugh in for skinny dipping and for singing in the shower. He was also Hugh in for hot tubs. He had no clue what Naked and Afraid was, so he was Hugh out. He took his shoe off because Kelly said that was wrong. He was Hugh out for manscaping, so he took off his other shoe.

He didn’t know what a murse was. He was Hugh out and took his microphone and jacket off. He was Hugh out with tattoos, but Kelly said it was incorrect before he even answered. He took his sock off. He was Hugh out for Googling himself. He started to take his shirt off and changed his mind, then he almost took his wedding ring off, then he took his watch off. He was Hugh out for Speedos. He showed his underwear.


Check out the video here:

Kelly & Michael: The River Review

Jackman’s in a new Broadway show titled The River. His director and his director’s daughter were there. She was on a school break. Jackman has a great stage presence. The River is a love story with a mystery at the core of it. It’s 90 minutes with no intermission and it’s a very intimate theater. The theater’s circular. He plays a guy who takes his girlfriend on a fishing trip. You don’t really know how it comes out.

Jackman gets heckled, but the worst people that get heckled are those whose phones go off. Jackman loves the heckling and the energy though. The producer has allowed everyone to see the play. They release 40 seats for less money every morning. And they have “Riverbank” seats, which are half price. They’re the first two rows and they’re benches. The River will begin on November 16 2014.


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