Kelly & Michael: Hugh Dancy ‘Hannibal’ & ‘Homeland’ Spoilers


Hugh Dancy: Wife Claire Danes

British actor Hugh Dancy made his Live! with Kelly & Michael debut to discuss his spooky new series Hannibal. But while Hugh was a first-timer, his wife, Claire Danes, has appeared many times on the show. In fact, Claire was Michael’s first-ever celebrity interview on his first day as co-host. Hugh and Claire have been married since 2009 and recently welcomed their first child, a son named Cyrus.

Kelly & Michael: Hugh Dancy 'Hannibal' & 'Homeland' Spoilers

Hannibal star Hugh Dancy made his Live! With Kelly & Michael debut. (image credit: s_bukley,


Hugh Dancy: Homeland Spoilers

Of course, Claire Danes is well-known as the star of Homeland, the popular Showtime political thriller. Michael asked Hugh if he’s ever privy to spoilers regarding upcoming episodes. Just like everyone else, Hugh is a big fan of the show and tries to avoid spoilers to the best of his ability. However, he’d be happy to set up a meeting between Michael and Claire so she can spill the beans to him directly.

Hugh Dancy: Childhood In Newcastle-Upon-Lyme

Hugh grew up in an English town called Newcastle-Under-Lyme, and no, not even he understands its name. He does believe it has something to do with a river, though. Despite living in New York for the past six years, Hugh still considers England home, and visits often to see family and friends.

Hugh said that he was a rebellious student growing up, although in hindsight, he realizes he wasn’t all that rebellious. He attended boarding school and actually got sent to the theater as punishment. He realized that he actually liked appearing in plays, and that’s how he became an actor!


Hugh Dancy: NBC Series Hannibal

Hugh portrays an FBI criminal profiler in the scary new NBC series HannibalHugh’s character is able to think like a serial killer, which is why he’s so good at catching them. The show is based on the character of Hannibal Lecter, and co-stars Laurence Fishburne and Mads Mikkelsen.

Kelly and Michael previewed Hannibal with a clip featuring Hugh (and his expert American accent). Catch Hannibal Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC.


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