Kelly & Michael: Howie Mandel Walt Disney World Hidden Camera Prank


Howie Mandel: Daughter’s Wedding

How do you get notorious germophobe Howie Mandel to shake hands with a crowd? By giving him a pair of giant Mickey hands! Howie, who was on vacation with his wife and daughter, joined Kelly & Michael at the Magic Kingdom park.

Howie’s daughter is 28 and will be getting married this summer. She’s so obsessed with all things Disney that she even wanted a Disney-themed wedding. Because she loves The Little Mermaid, she tried to convince Howie to dress up as King Triton. Live! even put together a photoshopped image of Howie as King Triton, just to see what he would look like. He looked good, but I wouldn’t exactly call a fishtail appropriate wedding attire!


Kelly & Michael: Howie Mandel Walt Disney World Hidden Camera Prank

America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel played pranks on tourists at Walt Disney World. (Featureflash /

Howie isn’t exactly in King Triton shape just yet, and he’s charting his exercising with a pedometer throughout the day. However, because of his OCD, he hates it when his pedometer reads an odd number.

Howie Mandel: Sharon Osbourne Leaving America’s Got Talent

Howie is a judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, which will be facing some changes for its new season. Judge Sharon Osbourne has left the show, leaving only Howie and Howard Stern. Kelly suggested they add another “Howard” to the mix and call it an even three.


Howie said that not only did Sharon leave the show, but she also left their neighborhood; they used to be neighbors. He’s now wondering if he should be taking it personally. “Is it me?” he asked.

What about Kelly as the new America’s Got Talent judge? She’s a great talk show host, but she wouldn’t want to “crush the dreams” of little kids on stage.

Howie Mandel: Walt Disney World Hidden Camera Prank

Howie is known for his superb hidden camera pranks, and Gelman managed to help him put together a great one at the Magic Kingdom. Howie dressed up as a park attendant, and no one caught on to who he really was. He told Swiss tourists that they’d find Mickey Mouse in Ohio, forced a group of kids to take awkward photos and made people line up in single file for no reason. Everyone fell for it, hook, line and sinker!


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