Kelly and Michael: Howie Mandel Deal With It, Running & Bikini


Kelly & Michael: Howie Mandel Bikini

Frequent guest Howie Mandel greeted his brother-in-law, who was in the audience and was a trivia dancer on a previous show. Howie Mandel visited Kelly and Michael to talk about America’s Got Talent auditions and his show Deal With It.

Mandel said that he tried to impress his wife with lingerie for Valentine’s Day, but “when she saw me in it, she just laughed,” he joked. Kelly did show off a picture of Mandel in a bikini at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 50th anniversary celebration. However, his mom critiqued his choice of shoes with the suit.


Kelly and Michael: Howie Mandel Running

Kelly and Michael: Howie Mandel Deal With It, Running & Bikini

Howie Mandel talked about his hidden camera prank series, Deal With It, which gives real people the chance to embarrass themselves on television for cash. (Helga Esteb /

Howie Mandel said he loves to stay in shape by running seven miles a day, but he does not like to turn, so he constantly bothers his wife by calling her to pick him up. He also said that he likes running on the beach, but he has to stop when he gets to the water.

He can cover seven or eight miles in an hour, but he has never tried SoulCycle, which Kelly said that he probably would not enjoy participating in. Michael said it does get very sweaty, and sometimes you are too close to the riders around you. As for the pain from the seat, Kelly coined the term “vagagony.”


Kelly & Michael: America’s Got Talent Auditions

Howie Mandel is currently doing auditions for this summer’s season of America’s Got Talent. He told Kelly and Michael that people pitch their talents to him wherever he goes. One woman insisted that her seven-year-old perform a stripper-style dance in the middle of a mall as her talent, and he did not know how to respond.

Kelly said that she was disturbed by this happening with the young ladies at the Jingle Ball doing these performances. Howie also lamented the skimpy dress on young people, especially in California. He said he is happy that his kids have grown up.

Kelly and Michael: Howie Mandel Deal With It

Deal With It is an unscripted comedy show featuring Howie Mandel, which surprises unsuspecting people in public spaces like a restaurant. The person on the street can agree to put an earpiece in their ear and follow outlandish instructions for the chance to win thousands of dollars.

Howie said that sometimes the scenarios can get out of control. You can tune in for Deal With It, returning March 19 on TBS, and you never know what crazy circumstances will be going down in these new episodes.


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