Kelly & Michael: How To Take A Selfie & Bra Reduces Back Pain?


Kelly and Michael: Selfies & Turning 40

Kelly and Michael practiced the art of taking a selfie, discussed getting old gracefully as they both turned 40, and whether a bra reduces back pain.

Live with Kelly & Michael: Hollywood Reporter New York


Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa spent a night out celebrating The Hollywood Reporter. They are among the 35 most powerful New Yorkers in media, but they think the list should count for the whole world.

Kelly & Michael: How To Take A Selfie & Bra Reduces Back Pain?

Kelly and Michael agreed that 41 is the new 21 and talked about taking selfies.

Michael showed Kelly his “power look,” which needs some more practice. Kelly had a more threatening pose to lord over people.


Kelly and Michael: How To Take A Selfie

According to a news article, “selfies” are now the only kind of pictures we take. These are pictures people take of themselves.

The article shared advice, such as pinching your cheeks and tapping your lips to bring more color to your face. Kelly called herself “a female female impersonator,” saying that she has makeup to make her appear colorful.

As for angle, you don’t want to go too high or too low for your “selfie.” Kelly tried to put these tips to the test by taking selfies with Michael during the show. He was worried about people with short arms.

Live with Kelly & Michael: Celebrity Selfies

Michael and Kelly agreed that they have learned how to use many different cameras and phones. She recalled attempting to take a “selfie” of Leonardo DiCaprio behind her at a party. I guess she could have used these tips back then, because she did not get the shot.

Michael admitted to using his son to get a picture of Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. Past guest Julia Louis-Dreyfus confessed to doing the same thing to Kelly to get a picture of the Olsen Twins.

Kelly and Michael: IMDb Age Lawsuit

The Internet Movie Database is a great resource to look up movies and stars. But one actress is suing the site for $1 million, claiming that the site posting her age has hurt her career.

The 41-year-old wanted to advance in her career by claiming she was seven years younger than she actually is. Michael showed a photo of her, but wondered how old the photo might have been.

The co-hosts agreed that she looked great and she should embrace her age. “41 is like the new 21,” according to Michael, who is also 41.

Live with Kelly & Michael: Kelly Ripa Age

Kelly said that she noticed a big change when she turned 40 (she’s now 42). In her late 30s, everyone asked her if she was tired all the time. But after her 40th birthday, they just tell her she looks great for her age.

“In your mind, don’t you feel like you’re 22?” she asked Michael.

Kelly and Michael: Does A Bra Reduce Back Pain?

In France, a 15-year study concluded that wearing a bra does not reduce back pain and can actually cause sagging to worsen. “Breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity,” Kelly read.

I guess that means you can consider bras optional, if you were looking for an excuse. Michael had some questions about how the study may have been conducted.

Live with Kelly & Michael: Girlfriend Coat Gives Hugs

A Japanese inventor claims that his new coat can help people fight loneliness by simulating the feeling of a hug. He created the coat because he does not have a girlfriend.

“They should call the coat a Teo,” Strahan said, referring to Manti Te’O and suggesting that people spend more time looking for a girlfriend instead of faking one.

Kelly and Michael: Hero Daughters Save Father

Two girls, ages 14 and 16, lifted a 3,000 pound tractor off their father with their bare hands and saved his life. Kelly said her kids would just tell her that they are hungry and ask to watch the Disney Channel instead of helping her.

Michael recalled pushing an old VW van, when his brother got run over by the vehicle. His uncle sprang into action and lifted the vehicle all by himself.

Kelly & Michael: Ashley Tisdale Travel Trivia

James Epstein from Cypress, Texas, was the day’s trivia caller, playing for a vacation at the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Mexico.

Where did Ashley Tisdale say she was discovered when she was three years old?

The answer was in a New Jersey mall. An audience member also received a $500 gift certificate.


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