Kelly & Michael: Homeland’s Claire Danes Pregnant With “Human Being”


Live With Kelly & Michael: Good Times

Before getting to the rest of their debut show as a new TV duo, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan shared a highlight reel of some of their memorable antics over the last nine months, set to the Chic song “Good Times.” Michael has filled in as a guest co-host almost two dozen times in recent years. To kick off their new era as a team, Kelly and Michael welcomed Claire Danes from Showtime’s Homeland.

Kelly & Michael: Claire Danes Pregnant With “Human Being”

Kelly & Michael: Homeland's Claire Danes Pregnant

Will Homeland make Claire Danes pregnant on the show in season 2? She talked with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /


Homeland star Claire Danes became the first guest on Live With Kelly & Michael.

“I’m so profoundly honored,” Claire Danes said. “This is crazy! How lucky am I to be here on the inaugural day?”

Kelly asked Claire about her pregnancy rumors, even though she didn’t appear to be showing at all so far. She said she feels balanced and is currently working on the second season of Homeland. She isn’t showing yet, and she declined to specify what she will be having, beyond saying that “it’s a human being, which is a profound relief.”


Kelly Ripa: Claire Danes Gymnastics

Claire Danes said she did gymnastics as a kid, and she believed that Kelly must have as well. Kelly said the closest she ever got was doing flips off the arm of her family’s sofa, because her mother thought gymnastics was too dangerous.

Claire said her coach, Maurice Jackson, was a tough mentor, and she did gymnastics on a team called Troll Pack. She said her team nickname was Whipflash, which was a combination of her best and worst qualities on the mat.

Michael Strahan: Claire Danes Homeland Season 2

Claire Danes won a Golden Globe for her performance in season 1 of Homeland. As the second season debuts this fall, Michael asked how she is concealing her pregnancy on the show.

“It’s now getting to the point where I’m looking a little knocked up,” Claire said, admitting that they aren’t writing her pregnancy into the show’s storyline, but will digitally edit out her baby bump.

Claire’s Homeland character is a CIA agent has bipolar disorder. One of the show’s writers based some character attributes on a relative who is bipolar. She said that she is pleased that the portrayal has resonated with people as an authentic portrayal of the struggles of bipolar disorder.

In a clip from Homeland, Claire’s character takes a call from her former boss, played by Mandy Patinkin, who is asking for her help in an urgent situation. The new season of Homeland premieres on Showtime September 30 2012.


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