Kelly & Michael: Henry Cavill Man of Steel Review & Russell Crowe Gift


Kelly & Michael: Henry Cavill from the Island of Jersey

Henry Cavill was on the show today and Kelly Ripa was excited to have another Jersey native with her. Well, sort of. Cavill is actually from the island of Jersey, just off the coast of France.

According to Cavill, there is an old story about where New Jersey got its name. Apparently a couple of people were playing poker and the man who owned the rights to the name of the island lost a hand and the man who won the rights used them to name New Jersey.


Howie Mandel didn’t believe it but Kelly Ripa said she would believe anything Henry Cavill tells her.

Henry Cavill Comes From a Military Family

Cavill said he has four other brothers, two of whom are in the military. His father was in the Navy for a short while, while his oldest brother is an ex-army officer and his seconds oldest brother is a highly decorated marine officer. Cavill said he thought about joining the military but the acting bug got him first.

Kelly & Michael: Henry Cavill Man of Steel Review & Russell Crowe Gift

Kelly Ripa and Howie Mandel talked with Henry Cavill about Man of Steel, Russell Crowe inspiring him to act and about almost joining the military.
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“That way I can pretend to be in the military and get paid more money,” joked Cavill.

His family did question his decision to start acting. His father really wanted him to go to a university to get a degree but after he landed his first major role in The Count of Monte Cristo, his family was all for him getting into acting.

Henry Cavill Inspired to Continue Acting Because of Russell Crowe

Cavill told Kelly Ripa and Howie Mandel it was Russell Crowe who got him into acting. When he was still in boarding school, he was an extra in the movie Proof of Life starring Russell Crowe. After getting up enough courage, he went over to Crowe between takes and asked him what it was like being an actor all while explaining it was dream to become one someday. Crowe told him it was good pay but you get treated like dirt sometimes. Cavill thanked him and walked off as a crowd of people asked for autographs.

Two days later, Cavill said he received a gift package from Crowe with a futbol jersey, some Australian candy, some Vegemite and a picture of himself in Gladiator which he signed with, “To Henry, A journey of a 1,000 miles starts with one step.”

Cavill said it was a dream to finally get to work with Russell Crowe on Superman: Man of Steel.

Kelly & Michael: Henry Cavill Refuses to Prance

Howie Mandel was on a prancing kick the entire episode but he couldn’t get Henry Cavill to prance with him. Cavill said he trained too hard and long for the movie that he is  now terrible at prancing and didn’t want to make a fool of himself on TV.

Henry Cavill’s Third Superman

This isn’t Henry Cavill’s first attempt at being the man of steel. In 2006 he was almost the man of steel in a Superman movie that was supposed to be directed by McG but it fell apart before filming. Then Bryan Singer-directed Superman Returns but recast the movie. Finally, in 2013, Cavill is donning the Superman suit.

Henry Cavill Superman: Man of Steel Review

Cavill said this Superman movie is unlike the others because it focuses on how Superman fits into our world. It focuses on how humans are scared of this alien being on their planet while he wants to fit in with everyone on Earth.

Howie Mandel said he was excited for the movie because the storyline is more closely related to the comic books than the other movies.


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