Kelly & Michael: Gillian Jacobs “Community” Returns With Season Four


Gillian Jacobs: Live! With Kelly & Michael Debut

Community star Gillian Jacobs made her Live! With Kelly & Michael debut, so the hosts took the opportunity to get to know the TV star a bit better. Gillian is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and began acting at the age of eight. Her mother put her in acting classes after Gillian’s teachers told her that her daughter had no friends and talked to herself on the playground. Eventually it paid off, because Gillian is a Juilliard graduate.

Unfortunately, Gillian said she never had a lot of friends growing up. In fact, someone recently apologized to her on Twitter for being a jerk way back in middle school. That’s just one of the reasons why you should always be nice to your classmates; they could grow up to be famous actors.


Kelly & Michael: Gillian Jacobs "Community" Returns With Season Four

Community star Gillian Jacobs made her Live! With Kelly & Michael debut. (s_bukley /

Gillian Jacobs: Shakespeare Contest Winner

Since Gillian is a classically trained actor, she knows a lot about Shakespeare. In fact, she’s the two-time winner of a Shakespeare contest. “That’s probably another reason I didn’t have any friends,” she joked.

To test her Shakespeare knowledge, Kelly and Michael read a few quotes. It was Gillian’s job to determine whether they were Shakespeare or something else altogether. There were a few easy ones like “All the world’s a stage,” but Gillian was stumped by a few Kanye West song lyrics, too!


Gillian Jacobs: Community Season Four

After a long hiatus, Community is finally back on television for its long-awaited fourth season. On the show, Gillian portrays college student Britta Perry, and neither she nor her character can sing or dance. However, the show’s creators like to force her to do these things anyway. Recently, they dressed her up as Michael Jackson.

Kelly and Michael checked out a clip of Gillian, co-star Joel McHale and guest star James Brolin. For more of Gillian Jacobs and Community, tune in on Thursday nights on NBC.


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