Kelly & Michael: Gerard Butler “Olympus Has Fallen” & World Press Tour


Gerard Butler: Olympus Has Fallen World Press Tour

Gerard Butler joined Kelly & Michael for an interview looking very dapper in his suit. Gerard explained that he has a stylist for his Olympus Has Fallen press tour who chooses his looks for each talk show. When his stylist chose his suit for Live, he said, “This is the suit for Kelly and Michelle.”

You couldn’t tell that Gerard had just ruined his whole look thanks to a sink malfunction. He had to spend 15 minutes blow-drying his clothes because he didn’t want to look like he’d “peed himself.”


Kelly & Michael: Gerard Butler "Olympus Has Fallen" & World Press Tour

Kelly & Michael spoke with Gerard Butler from the new blockbuster film Olympus Has Fallen. (Helga Esteb /

Gerard is traveling all around the world during his press tour: Russia, South Africa, Italy, Mexico and all over the United States. On his own time, Gerard has recently traveled to places such as Switzerland, Thailand and Columbia. “It’s as if you’re in the Witness Protection Program!” Kelly said.

Gerard Butler: Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Like Michael, Gerard recently appeared at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles. He said it was really fun, as always, because the event is so star-studded. One of the biggest trends at the Oscars was facial hair, which Gerard has been sporting since the movie 300. However, it’s a little known fact that Kelly was actually the originator of this trend (they photoshopped Gerard’s beard onto a picture of Kelly).


Gerard Butler: No Prom In Scotland

Since it was prom day at Live, Kelly and Michael wondered if Gerard had had a prom in Scotland. Gerard revealed that there were no proms in Scotland, but he was always bummed about it because he grew up watching American movies. He loved that proms were always such a major part of the plot, and they were so “romantic and iconic.” Once Gerard saw Carrie, however, he was glad he didn’t have a prom.

Gerard almost didn’t recognize Kelly when his picture was photoshopped into her prom picture. The look on his face was priceless.

Gerard Butler: Olympus Has Fallen

Kelly & Michael checked out an exclusive clip of Gerard in the action-packed movie Olympus Has Fallen. Gerard’s character is a former CIA agent who finds himself fighting to save the President from a terrorist takeover at the White House. Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman also star in the blockbuster film.

In order to prepare for the role, Gerard worked with real former Navy SEALS and Secret Service agents. He also learned insider information on the workings of the White House. He spoke with former agents who had been injured on the job and understood why they were so passionate about seeking justice.

Gerard said that Olympus Has Fallen is a really “rousing” and “patriotic” film. Michael recently saw it, and he loved all the thrilling action. The film even features a fake White House that was built in Shreveport, Louisiana so that it could be blown up.

See Olympus Has Fallen in theaters on Friday, March 22 2013.


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